May 20, 2008

Rapidfire Privilege

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Alright, the long awaited break between exam paper, though I only went through 2 papers. There's still 4 more papers to go, in a span of 3 weeks.

Killing me softly~

So what does Reiki do during these free times? Why go to the library of course! The library is big. The library has books. It has furnitures. Air-conditioners. And computers that has internet connection free from Company Policy Violation.


Reiki is sitting at the computer, downloading stuff from Rapidshare. Sunday's speed was good. I manage to hit more than 150kbps. Didn't take more than 30 minutes to download ++100mb file on Premium account. Since the local network employs proxy server, I couldn't get BitTorrent to work here. I have to rely on direct download to get my drugs. But then I hit a few snags while doing my thing;

Rapidshare link: With torrent you need to get the *.torrent to download. Rapidshare is a bit harder in that you can't browse the database for the links. You have to rely on search engines to find those download hiding deep inside the forest, which, let me tell you, ish hard. You might get lucky though. If so, congrats.

Availability: Not all links works. Some may be dead. Some may be sitting inside a server that has server problem. Example, Reiki was busy downloading a huge file divided nto 6 smaller chunks., when on the 4th links, Rapidshare annouce that there is some hardware problems >.> So Reiki had to go and find another new link, wasting time downloading the previous file, added with the searching for a new oasis. Note that these problems may be avoided by using link checker services available on the web.

Rapidshare2Megaupload: As happy I am with the Premium account, not everyone uses Rapidshare. There are those who uses Megaupload instead. Dang, I could only find Megaupload links. My brother may loves you very much (he went and downloaded the toolbar), but I dislike you. You and your pop-up ads that doesn't make any sense.

I tried using Remote-Upload in Rapishare, but just trying to get the premium download links proves troublesome. And when I think I manage to get the link, Rapidshare couldn't download it. I might have done something, but i don't wanna waste my time with it. If all alternatives have been exhausted, I might give up or just buy a Megaupload account.

Heh, what to do. Money buys happiness, no?


serena said...

*rofl~* at the picture you posted!

I totally understand your point, I almost died when I apparently maxed out my cousin's bandwidth for the month 2 weeks early.(happened for a few months...but let's not go into that part =P) I had to leech of my uni, and fill up my pendrives to bring things home to watch.

The good thing is that MU works here and it goes quite fast too. There are a lot of file sharing sites, some works faster for others or at different places.

Reiki said...

Sheepy, just how u manage to max it in 2 weeks early? if 2 days can understand la -__-;;

Yeah, MU slot is always full here in Malaysia. *sigh*

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