May 15, 2008

It Wasn't So

When your hopes comes crashing down...

Big bro called. Said that sis-in-law was admitted to the hospital. Seems like their first newborn is gonna greet the world!

Or so I though. The doctor told them to go back home first. There goes my chance to earn a new discipline.

So its exams week. I just got my first paper today, and goodness! My head is all messed up! There were so many simple questions that I misunderstand and only corrected it in the last 45 minutes.

Dang I hate exams.

To cure my aching heart, I spent the day surfing the net through the library computer. Its sad how back at the hostel theres so many limitations yet u can surf noneducational stuff at the library.

Which is fine by me anyway, so long I get to download stuff.

Tried out Digsby today, it was pretty good, combining IM, eMails and social networking. I'm hoping they'll add more social networks and features there. The only reason my friends and I tolerate Messenger is because it allows user to use custom emoticons. Why doesn't other IM client let us do the same?

An animated emoticons saves lots of typing power.

Finally, i just bought a Rapidshare account! Yeay! Unfortunately haven't had time to test it out, since Rapidshare is banned inside hostel. Boo-oo! I wanna hurry up and try it.

Library, here I come!


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