May 18, 2008

Digsby, another IM

So I mentioned Digsby in my previous post. So just what is it? Digsby is a freeware instant messaging application for Windows, like Yahoo! Messenger and Windows Live Messenger. What sets its apart is the integrations across chat networks, emails and social networking websites.

Digsby chat window

Okay, so I sort of just copied some of the word up there.

So anyway, I've been trying out the thing for a few days and heres some of my thoughts about it;
Pros first;
  • Across networks; if you have friends in various networks, using a single applications to contact them is much more efficient and faster
  • Emails; not tied down to only one account; you can have more, like me who have 2 Yahoo! Mail
  • For those who cares, Facebook is also there. But I seldom uses it
  • Pop-up message appearing when you receive new updates, like IM, mails, etc. Can reply IM in the pop-up or go click on it to go to your updates
  • It has Twitter in it! *loves*
  • Nice skins, me likes X3

Next is the cons;
  • Lack of emoticons; me and my friends loves to send animated emoticons/pictures/images. Because its fun X3
  • Very slow when connecting. You have to first connect your Digsby account, then only you will log into your various other accounts
  • I'm not sure why most of the profile picture doesn't work. GTalk works though
  • No buzz? No ding? I wanna annoy people!!! *search for panic button*
Yeah, so thats just some joy and gripes that I have with Digsby for the past few days. Please note that I have only use it for awhile, and also, due to the local network I'm in, MSN refuse to work.

Digsby pop-up message

I've tried another alternative, mainly Pidgin, but it only works when I'm back at home, with no Company Policy Violation. It doesn't work here in campus.

The app is still new, so I hope more features will be included later on. Go and give it a spin if you if you free!


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