May 16, 2008

Broaden Thy Power!!!

Oh ho, so Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) and the Government wanna boost broadband, ya?

Anyway, I don't think this will help me much. Why? Cause the internet is down back at home. I had to go to my dad's office to do some work and email that work to my teammates. The worst is that the policy are even enforce on the lecturer's workstations!


Broken stuff at homes doesn't get fix fast enough. Theres no one at home to greet the technician should he wants to drop by. So theres no hurry going back home; not like I can finally login into Last.FM anyway...

LOLKitteh Blocking Tube

Anyway, by boosting broadband I hope they mean 'fixing' or 'improving'. Streamyx(TM Net DSL broadband in Malaysia) has problems. Lots of problems. That needs to be addressed and solved immediately. But what do they do? Went and promote their newest 4.0Mbps plan and get more customer, which does not improve the service existing customer are facing. Also, when you get more customers, don't you have more issues to solve?

I'm hoping this boost will improve current service first. No use broadening the area and getting more users, if the service is only at-best(TM Net; Too lazy to even try) and igniting user's flame.

If you haven't notice, I am also one of Streamyx's disgruntled user, back home. Here, in college, I'm also irritated.

Read: Billion-ringgit boost for broadband (The Star)


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