May 27, 2008

Until The Time Is Up

"Three Minutes Clapping"
I won't ever give in
No matter how hard you pull me in
I know gravity ain't an excuse
I just want to make things a little more smooth
Majority is still asleep
They're tired of those dreadful dreams
Now let me shout and wake you up
Let me wake you up

When the sunset dyes the sky so bright
Shiki freaks me out with the secret smile
Stars above start to shine for miles and miles
I wonder why
Is this a cuss or just your heart
No other rhythm when those flowers flowin'
I know you can stop its flow on a whim
So I have learned to swim

Until the time is up
I can't give up on you
Before the time is up
I leave all my regrets
Between the lines of lies
I am lost again

Until this time is up
I'll never give this up
Until the sun is up
I can't give up on you
Before the time is up
I leave all my regrets
Between the lines of lies
I am lost again

Until this time is up
I'll never give this up

*Clapclapclap* for 3 minutes. From the game The World Ends With You, I think its Neku's song. Love this song. Now if only I'll wake up and realize my exams is still not finished yet...

You know, maybe this song actually shows just how much I resists being productive. I just want things to be smooth and easy. And also to continue to sleep. I can just imagine my mom shouting at me. Its a curse I tell you!

Until the time is up...

May 20, 2008

Rapidfire Privilege

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Alright, the long awaited break between exam paper, though I only went through 2 papers. There's still 4 more papers to go, in a span of 3 weeks.

Killing me softly~

So what does Reiki do during these free times? Why go to the library of course! The library is big. The library has books. It has furnitures. Air-conditioners. And computers that has internet connection free from Company Policy Violation.


Reiki is sitting at the computer, downloading stuff from Rapidshare. Sunday's speed was good. I manage to hit more than 150kbps. Didn't take more than 30 minutes to download ++100mb file on Premium account. Since the local network employs proxy server, I couldn't get BitTorrent to work here. I have to rely on direct download to get my drugs. But then I hit a few snags while doing my thing;

Rapidshare link: With torrent you need to get the *.torrent to download. Rapidshare is a bit harder in that you can't browse the database for the links. You have to rely on search engines to find those download hiding deep inside the forest, which, let me tell you, ish hard. You might get lucky though. If so, congrats.

Availability: Not all links works. Some may be dead. Some may be sitting inside a server that has server problem. Example, Reiki was busy downloading a huge file divided nto 6 smaller chunks., when on the 4th links, Rapidshare annouce that there is some hardware problems >.> So Reiki had to go and find another new link, wasting time downloading the previous file, added with the searching for a new oasis. Note that these problems may be avoided by using link checker services available on the web.

Rapidshare2Megaupload: As happy I am with the Premium account, not everyone uses Rapidshare. There are those who uses Megaupload instead. Dang, I could only find Megaupload links. My brother may loves you very much (he went and downloaded the toolbar), but I dislike you. You and your pop-up ads that doesn't make any sense.

I tried using Remote-Upload in Rapishare, but just trying to get the premium download links proves troublesome. And when I think I manage to get the link, Rapidshare couldn't download it. I might have done something, but i don't wanna waste my time with it. If all alternatives have been exhausted, I might give up or just buy a Megaupload account.

Heh, what to do. Money buys happiness, no?

May 18, 2008

Digsby, another IM

So I mentioned Digsby in my previous post. So just what is it? Digsby is a freeware instant messaging application for Windows, like Yahoo! Messenger and Windows Live Messenger. What sets its apart is the integrations across chat networks, emails and social networking websites.

Digsby chat window

Okay, so I sort of just copied some of the word up there.

So anyway, I've been trying out the thing for a few days and heres some of my thoughts about it;
Pros first;
  • Across networks; if you have friends in various networks, using a single applications to contact them is much more efficient and faster
  • Emails; not tied down to only one account; you can have more, like me who have 2 Yahoo! Mail
  • For those who cares, Facebook is also there. But I seldom uses it
  • Pop-up message appearing when you receive new updates, like IM, mails, etc. Can reply IM in the pop-up or go click on it to go to your updates
  • It has Twitter in it! *loves*
  • Nice skins, me likes X3

Next is the cons;
  • Lack of emoticons; me and my friends loves to send animated emoticons/pictures/images. Because its fun X3
  • Very slow when connecting. You have to first connect your Digsby account, then only you will log into your various other accounts
  • I'm not sure why most of the profile picture doesn't work. GTalk works though
  • No buzz? No ding? I wanna annoy people!!! *search for panic button*
Yeah, so thats just some joy and gripes that I have with Digsby for the past few days. Please note that I have only use it for awhile, and also, due to the local network I'm in, MSN refuse to work.

Digsby pop-up message

I've tried another alternative, mainly Pidgin, but it only works when I'm back at home, with no Company Policy Violation. It doesn't work here in campus.

The app is still new, so I hope more features will be included later on. Go and give it a spin if you if you free!

May 17, 2008

Under Construction

Undergoing some changes. Please tolerate till I finally decide what the heck I wanna do with this. I want a news template~

May 16, 2008

Broaden Thy Power!!!

Oh ho, so Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) and the Government wanna boost broadband, ya?

Anyway, I don't think this will help me much. Why? Cause the internet is down back at home. I had to go to my dad's office to do some work and email that work to my teammates. The worst is that the policy are even enforce on the lecturer's workstations!


Broken stuff at homes doesn't get fix fast enough. Theres no one at home to greet the technician should he wants to drop by. So theres no hurry going back home; not like I can finally login into Last.FM anyway...

LOLKitteh Blocking Tube

Anyway, by boosting broadband I hope they mean 'fixing' or 'improving'. Streamyx(TM Net DSL broadband in Malaysia) has problems. Lots of problems. That needs to be addressed and solved immediately. But what do they do? Went and promote their newest 4.0Mbps plan and get more customer, which does not improve the service existing customer are facing. Also, when you get more customers, don't you have more issues to solve?

I'm hoping this boost will improve current service first. No use broadening the area and getting more users, if the service is only at-best(TM Net; Too lazy to even try) and igniting user's flame.

If you haven't notice, I am also one of Streamyx's disgruntled user, back home. Here, in college, I'm also irritated.

Read: Billion-ringgit boost for broadband (The Star)

May 15, 2008

It Wasn't So

When your hopes comes crashing down...

Big bro called. Said that sis-in-law was admitted to the hospital. Seems like their first newborn is gonna greet the world!

Or so I though. The doctor told them to go back home first. There goes my chance to earn a new discipline.

So its exams week. I just got my first paper today, and goodness! My head is all messed up! There were so many simple questions that I misunderstand and only corrected it in the last 45 minutes.

Dang I hate exams.

To cure my aching heart, I spent the day surfing the net through the library computer. Its sad how back at the hostel theres so many limitations yet u can surf noneducational stuff at the library.

Which is fine by me anyway, so long I get to download stuff.

Tried out Digsby today, it was pretty good, combining IM, eMails and social networking. I'm hoping they'll add more social networks and features there. The only reason my friends and I tolerate Messenger is because it allows user to use custom emoticons. Why doesn't other IM client let us do the same?

An animated emoticons saves lots of typing power.

Finally, i just bought a Rapidshare account! Yeay! Unfortunately haven't had time to test it out, since Rapidshare is banned inside hostel. Boo-oo! I wanna hurry up and try it.

Library, here I come!

May 12, 2008

Exam Week!

Whoah, I haven't post in a while, its already exam week!

So yeah, until I can remember what the heck happen to me, no interesting post. I was abducted by aliens and they (almost)completely erase most of my memories >.>

Lame excuse, I know...