Apr 15, 2008

Don't Stop The Circle

CPU fan running high-speed on idle.

So let's talk about people; I'll make it clear, humans are STRANGE. Like, really WEIRD. Especially relationship between them.

Gender seems to play some part. Its amazing that 2 guys who have a huge fight can still be friends, while girls cat-fighting over trivial things can never bear to have the other on their scope of vision o_O

I guess females are weirder than males?

Just some observations when my friends came along and we start talking. It's kinda sad that you can't get along with everyone, especially those who has the opposite personality; Example, people who likes to keep things cleans and the other who likes to take advantage os clean people. Thats the kind of problem me and my friends are facing.

We have a pantry at our house, where some of us keep our utensils and foodstuff there. Some of the house mate just doesn't seem to care about what they do there, like roughly handling someone else's water heater (in front of the owner's eye), using plates and not washing it, clogging the sink, and, the most important part, took all the ice-cube in the ice-boxthat was fulled, not leaving even a single cube for me!!!

The only time I cried...

You know those ice-box where you can keep many ice-cubes from the ice-tray? Well, 1 minute I was happily making new ice-cubes, the next few hour I find the whole box missing! Apparently they won some hamper with soda drinks. To celebrate, the took the whole box inside their room so they can easily drink cold water.

What about me?

And yeah, they didn't put the box back fast enough, so the any leftovers melted. They were kind enough to throw any water and put back an empty box though.

Yes, an empty box. A freaking empty box that was full this morning!!!

*dies from lack of ice-cubes*

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