Mar 27, 2008

Obesity & Insanity

Too much of a good thing is never good.

So much assignment and report this week. A review article assignment today, a graphics assignment on Friday, and an overdue progress report last week.

Whoever said the university loves us is a big fat liar.

Why oh why is there so many reports that need to be done for Final Year Project (FYP)? Theres prelim, theres progress, then theres interim, yadayadaydaknockyourselfout. Also my group did our review article assignement a bit late. No wait, too late! I just finished my part just now, now only want to print.

Too bad I left my printer ink back at home. And I need to send it at 9a.m.

Oh, and theres also my computer graphics assignment. Apparently my class's blank look during lab sessions had forced the lecturer to call for desperate measure; Hari Isnin kasi kerja, hari Jumaat nie gak kena hantar (Receive work on Tuesday, send it by Friday, the same week).

Oh yeah, another lecturer had the greatest idea;
Everytime we finish a chapter, we're gonna have a quiz! And no peeking at your notes! You can discuss though.
This 'discuss' proves to be fatal when communications breakdown. Worse if you peeked at the notes and still did it wrongly!

To be a copycat, you need skillz!!!

Please, stop feeding us with more assignment and quizzes, saying its good for us. Don't you know if a women consume too much vitamin C, her $3* organs will get damaged?!

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Mar 22, 2008

A First for Everything

It's Saturday. The rain is pouring outside. The whole room is cold. Ate keropok lekor with friends right now. Now playing Professor Layton and the Curious Village on the DS.

Ah, bliss.

If only I can use the internet to download more than 2mb stuff, then maybe I can try out Comodo Firewall. Norton Internet Security is so awful, even after uninstalling it, traces of its program were left behind. Worse, they are still running in th background.

Anyhow, hows life? Mine is the same as usual. Eat, sleep, play games. Nothing changes with me. I skipped going to class cause I overslept, didn't finish my homework cause I overslept, and couldn't answer test paper cause I was too sleepy to read my book.

I blame the sandman for making me so sleepy.

Oh wait, there are a few changes. I'm already in my final year yet I find new things that are 'god-why-can't-it-happen-earlier' happening to me.

First up is the first time I drove the car back home without my dad's supervising me. I couldn't wait to go back home and play Mass Effect, so I gathered a few friend and decided to go back home after class was canceled.

Dad was really surprise. What surprise me is that he gave me the wrong direction to go back home.

Anyway, even though I have successfully drove the car somewhere, I was also able to make get involve in a car accident. Yippie~ Also the first time I made a police report, it was too time consuming, I almost miss my class.

Correction, I dragged a few friends to came along. We almost miss class.

And theres also... the time we goreng keropok. Actually, the most important thing is that I keep going out eating with my friends, which isn't good for my already horrible figure. Also, since one of my friend does not have her car anymore(her mother sold it), I have to be the one chaperoning them to and from class.

When you upgraded your rank, your responsibility increases.

Well, theres a lot more stuff happening, mostly the recurring and boring stuff. Did I mention it's also forgetful?

Heres to another month of randomness~

p.s. Still sucky over the fact that Imageshack has been banned in campus. What gives?!

Mar 19, 2008

Still Alive

Yeah, I'm still here. Was too busy doing work, playing games and sleeping that the blog totally got shafted.

I'll try to pay more attention to it, after I finish sleeping.

Sho sleeppy...