Feb 12, 2008

Good Luck, Bad Luck

Bleh, the year of the rodent starts with confusing effect.

Long story short, tis is the first time I drove the car for at least 3 hours commuting from college and home. Got some friends tagging along, so my dad did not need to accompany me, which is what we usually do. All of us already bought bus tickets, but we burn them all to go back home a day early.

I was frank and told everyone the only reason I'm going back home is because I want to finish playing Mass Effect. So when it's time to go back to college, i drove the car as fast as I can, cause I wanna go back to my room and sleep.

Goodness now everyone knows just how corrupted and selfish I am.

Driving the car 140km/h didn't cause any problem at all, but driving carefully in campus did. Just got involved in my first accident. Thankfully no one got hurt, and the other person agreed to pay for it. Gonna send the car to the service center for repair; the poor thing lost her/his lower skirt.

Right right, back to work...

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Rainbow Purplez said...

owh Nad
really sad heard that u had an accident
luckily there's no one get injured
for sure u feel so sad rite

HidayahSham said...

hi nad~
i just knew that u have a blog.thanx to Siti Rox..huhu..so how's ur car?
have u fixed it?

dont forget to drop some comment at my blog eh..HidayahSham

take care..(",)

Reiki said...

Thanks you guys. Its alright now though ^^

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