Jan 29, 2008

Visually Slow

When not only your world but also your hopes starts to get blurry...

Meh,I was at the lab this morning, using Micro$oft Visual Studio 2005 to code some programs. The computer was crawling, begging for the administrator to upgrade its performance.

Anyway, my whole timetable this semester is a total wreck. My main complaint is the huge gap existing in the middle of the day, as another class also follows in its wake. Example, on Monday, I have class at 9 a.m. My next class is at 5 p.m. My first class is only 1 hour, which mean I have, like, 7 hour before my next class start.

Repeat similar process for every other day, including Friday.

Great, I have lab at 3 on Friday. Please please dear God above, tell me whats the reason for this insanity. Better, tell me whose the one responsible for this blasphemy, so I can torture him/her. For eternity.

No gender discrimination here.

This frustrating problem probably crops up due to the change to the course outline. Curiously, now I only need to take 3 majors instead of 5. I'm also forced to take 5 minors, not to mention there were 2 previous electives that has now been turned to compulsory.

I thought major means more?

Really, does anyone care about me and my people(perasan mode ON!)? Looks like we're getting shafted more and more, and someone somewhere still thinks thats not enough. Theres so many electives, why don't we just change the course to something more business or management related instead?

Simple program?

I'm adding another subject to my course. I don't need it, its not compulsory, and really, I already have 2 programming class, no need to take another. But for some reason, I feel a bit gatal(itchy) that I took another programming course.

As if Final Year Project(FYP) is not enough to keep me bound and gag for a whole year.

Oh yeah, about my FYP. I'm a Multimedia major student, yet I'm choosing Networking/Software Development as my title. I'm supposed to develop a mobile application to boot, which I have never done in my life. I just hope everything goes well; i want to graduate as soon as I can...

Maybe nows my chance to grab a new mobile phone. Kekek...

p.s. Having problem uploading images. None of the image hosting web service that I use is accessible. 2nd Objection!!!

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