Jan 7, 2008

Searching for the Falcon

Completing the circle, from 0 to 360...

Xbox360 box

So we just went to the local game shop to search for the Xbox360. Just aiming the Pro/Premium pack, since Elite is just plain expensive. Problem is that most of the Falcon chipset has been sold out. Even my trusty game seller from City Bazaar has finished his stock. Can't be helped, since it was Sunday.

Why oh why on Sunday? I need to go to work on Monday. Oh heck, why does CSI airs on Sunday also?!?!

So after searching high and low, we finally manage to find one, only I don't think it use the Falcon chipset. The shop keeper also doesn't seem so convincing that its a Falcon, but since I'm out of time, I just took it.

At home, bro says "Pasang dulu baru baca" (Set up first then read the manual). Thats why we spent too much time trying to make the wireless controller work. It was because we didn't know you had to power on the controller first. There was a sticker stuck on the game pad that shout "Power button".

X360 in between messess

Yeah, the console is staying in bro's room. I will like it better to be put at the living room, so I don't have to knock his locked door to get inside and play. The only game I manage to play last night was Dead or Alive 4. Played only 1 match, against my bro.

Oh well, at least I won.

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