Jan 25, 2008


No, my mother is fine, thank you.

I'm talking about Matriarch Benezia, an antagonist in Mass Effect. I had a hard time fighting the first boss, Fist, and is very surprised that Benezia died in less than 1 minutes.

I was like, 'Aiik?'.

The initial battle was tough, where you have to fight against all her underlings first, before fighting her head on. As usual, died in my first attempt. I have a bad habit of not looking at my radar for enemies and my health; I just stood there shooting randomly cause I didn't know where the enemies were.

And if I'm not standing or crouching while shooting, I am stupidly running straight into the enemies line of fire.

Baka Reiki!

2nd attempt was better. Yadayada some talks, then a face-off with Benezia! So I just put my crossfire on her and ordered my team members to give their undivided attention to her. The next thing I know, the Matriarch's own daughter and my team member who I brought along, Liara T'Soni, lifted her high into the ceiling.

Yuppers, the the daughter just pawned the mother.

She was dead even before she kiss the ground again. I'm guessing my other team member, Garrus the ex-C-Sec Turians, went ballistic and shoot her through her journey to the ceiling. I myself was also shooting her, but I think my lack of accuracy didn't really do any damage to her.

Mass Effect screen shot not mine
Sick 'em!!

So yeah, Benezia was actually easy to defeat. That was a bit unsatisfying, since I didn't have any chance to shine. No fair! At least let me unload some leads first!

*sigh* i wish I can go back home and play games. I miss Mass Effect...

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