Jan 9, 2008

Massive Sad Effect

So now the Xbox360 (dubbed X0) is taking center stage in my brother's room. Current game I'm focusing on is Mass Effect. I'm fine with action role-playing game, unless they involve shooting. I'm bad with anything not auto, like no auto-lock when shooting enemies and manual-gear car.

Mass Effect DVD Cover. Taken from Wikipedia
Mass Distraction

Bleh, the game is so hard, cause my aiming is so bad. I lost count how many times I died, reset and load my saves in just 1 hour. Anyway, this is my final week, and I still haven't finish my report. Darn, its all X0's fault, not mine!. So I'm resolve to finish my work by today.


Naugthy-Reiki: But you're blogging right now.
Reiki: ... It'll start, after lunch hour...

Prays for a miracle...

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