Jan 3, 2008

I'm Sick of You!

I'm telling you, its over!

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Demmit, I hate you so much! You're such a pain, always giving me problem. You never think about my situation, about my feelings, what I have to go through because of you. You only think about yourself! I really hate that!

Thats it! I have enough of you. I don't want to see you anymore. It's over between us. Go and find someone else to play around with, to torment. All those times, the pains, they keep coming back to me, hunting me. I could never forgive you! Never!

Good riddance, painful stomach ache!!!


For more than a week my tummy has been giving me problems. I took my regular food consumption, and yet I find my stomach filled with gas. Because of that, my room has become dangerous with strange foul smell running loose in it.

I'm finally going to see the doctor today. I'm going to have my presentation tomorrow, don't want to miss it due to tummy ache, do we?

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Liliz said...

"never" I like that word.
and i think it's okay to do that when the other person becomes like that.

nice picture :)

See ya and....
Good luck.

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