Jan 12, 2008

Have a Mintos

Yesyes! I am finally free form my internship! I won't need to wake up early again and come back home after 5! I can spend the rest of my day playing games, read mangas, sleeping in my room, ignoring other people and making them irritated.

The first thing hat happens? A fellow friend of mine invited to her exhibition, for One Academy. I'm guessing its to attract future employers.


Yeah, I'm guessing cause Mintos-chan whent and IM people instead of sms-ing. Problem in Malaysia is that IM is slower when the people is offline...

It was pretty easy to spot her; shes the only with pink hair. Yes, thats right folks, PINK. How cute is that?! She looks good in it, and I think she ate too much pink, like how I ate too much keropok ikan, which increases my pimples.

There were many nice things to see, which proves to be our downfall. We didn't manage to get much pictures, as Mintos is pretty busy. Oh well, its your graduation so congrats my friend. The other problem was that we left the exhibition at 9.45pm.

Zomg, the shop is closing!

Both of us wanna eat some fish&chips, but the restaurant won't allow use to enter....

They chase their own customers away?!?! Why kind of discrimination is this? The latecomers?

Oh great, we came all the way to Sunway, and me missed food yet again! We missed fish&chips AND J.Co Donuts! Can you believe? J.Co Donut was just under our nose! We could smell it!

Demmit, why does every shop refuses me?! What did I ever do to them?!

The only show that was near and open; A&W. So now I have exacted my revenge during my birthday.


Oh thank you 24hourrestaurant, you save my life.

edit: Read what my partner in crime has to say in Mintos has graduated?

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