Jan 16, 2008

Fried Away

The villains always lose...

I know how powerless I am to divine authority (read: family). I know that my dream of having my own loyal slaves (read: friends) to heed my beck and call are too far fetched. Yet even so, I cannot believe I failed to do one thing the most; conquering the world, or in other word, finishing my final report.

All thats left is to put some picture in the appendices and writing the executive summary.

Did I tell you that the limit of pages is 50 yet I wrote less than 20?

I find myself too lazy to write the summary. I bet it reached 2 page. So lazy, I wanna play games. I don't wanna work. I want to eat fish & chips~

Keropok lekor

For the time being, this will do...

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