Jan 29, 2008

Visually Slow

When not only your world but also your hopes starts to get blurry...

Meh,I was at the lab this morning, using Micro$oft Visual Studio 2005 to code some programs. The computer was crawling, begging for the administrator to upgrade its performance.

Anyway, my whole timetable this semester is a total wreck. My main complaint is the huge gap existing in the middle of the day, as another class also follows in its wake. Example, on Monday, I have class at 9 a.m. My next class is at 5 p.m. My first class is only 1 hour, which mean I have, like, 7 hour before my next class start.

Repeat similar process for every other day, including Friday.

Great, I have lab at 3 on Friday. Please please dear God above, tell me whats the reason for this insanity. Better, tell me whose the one responsible for this blasphemy, so I can torture him/her. For eternity.

No gender discrimination here.

This frustrating problem probably crops up due to the change to the course outline. Curiously, now I only need to take 3 majors instead of 5. I'm also forced to take 5 minors, not to mention there were 2 previous electives that has now been turned to compulsory.

I thought major means more?

Really, does anyone care about me and my people(perasan mode ON!)? Looks like we're getting shafted more and more, and someone somewhere still thinks thats not enough. Theres so many electives, why don't we just change the course to something more business or management related instead?

Simple program?

I'm adding another subject to my course. I don't need it, its not compulsory, and really, I already have 2 programming class, no need to take another. But for some reason, I feel a bit gatal(itchy) that I took another programming course.

As if Final Year Project(FYP) is not enough to keep me bound and gag for a whole year.

Oh yeah, about my FYP. I'm a Multimedia major student, yet I'm choosing Networking/Software Development as my title. I'm supposed to develop a mobile application to boot, which I have never done in my life. I just hope everything goes well; i want to graduate as soon as I can...

Maybe nows my chance to grab a new mobile phone. Kekek...

p.s. Having problem uploading images. None of the image hosting web service that I use is accessible. 2nd Objection!!!

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Jan 25, 2008


No, my mother is fine, thank you.

I'm talking about Matriarch Benezia, an antagonist in Mass Effect. I had a hard time fighting the first boss, Fist, and is very surprised that Benezia died in less than 1 minutes.

I was like, 'Aiik?'.

The initial battle was tough, where you have to fight against all her underlings first, before fighting her head on. As usual, died in my first attempt. I have a bad habit of not looking at my radar for enemies and my health; I just stood there shooting randomly cause I didn't know where the enemies were.

And if I'm not standing or crouching while shooting, I am stupidly running straight into the enemies line of fire.

Baka Reiki!

2nd attempt was better. Yadayada some talks, then a face-off with Benezia! So I just put my crossfire on her and ordered my team members to give their undivided attention to her. The next thing I know, the Matriarch's own daughter and my team member who I brought along, Liara T'Soni, lifted her high into the ceiling.

Yuppers, the the daughter just pawned the mother.

She was dead even before she kiss the ground again. I'm guessing my other team member, Garrus the ex-C-Sec Turians, went ballistic and shoot her through her journey to the ceiling. I myself was also shooting her, but I think my lack of accuracy didn't really do any damage to her.

Mass Effect screen shot not mine
Sick 'em!!

So yeah, Benezia was actually easy to defeat. That was a bit unsatisfying, since I didn't have any chance to shine. No fair! At least let me unload some leads first!

*sigh* i wish I can go back home and play games. I miss Mass Effect...

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Passing By

It's been a week since I went back to college...

Demmit I'm already missing Mass Effect! I should have brought it along with me~

Anyway, the usual stuff of going to class and finding out that the others in your class have clash problems. How many times do humans needs to go to war just to make sure everyone can attend class together? Whose the lousy person who made the lousy timetable?

Ah, am thinking of taking another subject, but yet again, clashes will occurs. Goodness, and I though I didn't have much time playing games after office hour. You know, sitting in the office for 8 hours then coming back home all tired you wished to stay away from the computer as much as possible cause you still have some work to do.

Isn't 24 hours a day enough?

Bleh, as usual the internet connection here is terrible. There is still the 2mb download limit, not to mention the slow internet connection. Wheres my freedom to surf the net?

Also, I'm currently a final year student. That means I gotta start on working a project that can change the world! Well, not entirely, I just need a project that would not get rejected by the committee while being feasible to finish in 1 semester.

That sounds pretty impossible though. Oh how I wish I can just shoot though any problems, like how I did in Mass Effect.

Me wants game!

*edit* The internet is sho lousy, Imageshack refuse to cooperate and work. Objection!!!

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Jan 16, 2008

Fried Away

The villains always lose...

I know how powerless I am to divine authority (read: family). I know that my dream of having my own loyal slaves (read: friends) to heed my beck and call are too far fetched. Yet even so, I cannot believe I failed to do one thing the most; conquering the world, or in other word, finishing my final report.

All thats left is to put some picture in the appendices and writing the executive summary.

Did I tell you that the limit of pages is 50 yet I wrote less than 20?

I find myself too lazy to write the summary. I bet it reached 2 page. So lazy, I wanna play games. I don't wanna work. I want to eat fish & chips~

Keropok lekor

For the time being, this will do...

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Jan 12, 2008

Have a Mintos

Yesyes! I am finally free form my internship! I won't need to wake up early again and come back home after 5! I can spend the rest of my day playing games, read mangas, sleeping in my room, ignoring other people and making them irritated.

The first thing hat happens? A fellow friend of mine invited to her exhibition, for One Academy. I'm guessing its to attract future employers.


Yeah, I'm guessing cause Mintos-chan whent and IM people instead of sms-ing. Problem in Malaysia is that IM is slower when the people is offline...

It was pretty easy to spot her; shes the only with pink hair. Yes, thats right folks, PINK. How cute is that?! She looks good in it, and I think she ate too much pink, like how I ate too much keropok ikan, which increases my pimples.

There were many nice things to see, which proves to be our downfall. We didn't manage to get much pictures, as Mintos is pretty busy. Oh well, its your graduation so congrats my friend. The other problem was that we left the exhibition at 9.45pm.

Zomg, the shop is closing!

Both of us wanna eat some fish&chips, but the restaurant won't allow use to enter....

They chase their own customers away?!?! Why kind of discrimination is this? The latecomers?

Oh great, we came all the way to Sunway, and me missed food yet again! We missed fish&chips AND J.Co Donuts! Can you believe? J.Co Donut was just under our nose! We could smell it!

Demmit, why does every shop refuses me?! What did I ever do to them?!

The only show that was near and open; A&W. So now I have exacted my revenge during my birthday.


Oh thank you 24hourrestaurant, you save my life.

edit: Read what my partner in crime has to say in Mintos has graduated?

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Jan 9, 2008

Massive Sad Effect

So now the Xbox360 (dubbed X0) is taking center stage in my brother's room. Current game I'm focusing on is Mass Effect. I'm fine with action role-playing game, unless they involve shooting. I'm bad with anything not auto, like no auto-lock when shooting enemies and manual-gear car.

Mass Effect DVD Cover. Taken from Wikipedia
Mass Distraction

Bleh, the game is so hard, cause my aiming is so bad. I lost count how many times I died, reset and load my saves in just 1 hour. Anyway, this is my final week, and I still haven't finish my report. Darn, its all X0's fault, not mine!. So I'm resolve to finish my work by today.


Naugthy-Reiki: But you're blogging right now.
Reiki: ... It'll start, after lunch hour...

Prays for a miracle...

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Jan 7, 2008

Searching for the Falcon

Completing the circle, from 0 to 360...

Xbox360 box

So we just went to the local game shop to search for the Xbox360. Just aiming the Pro/Premium pack, since Elite is just plain expensive. Problem is that most of the Falcon chipset has been sold out. Even my trusty game seller from City Bazaar has finished his stock. Can't be helped, since it was Sunday.

Why oh why on Sunday? I need to go to work on Monday. Oh heck, why does CSI airs on Sunday also?!?!

So after searching high and low, we finally manage to find one, only I don't think it use the Falcon chipset. The shop keeper also doesn't seem so convincing that its a Falcon, but since I'm out of time, I just took it.

At home, bro says "Pasang dulu baru baca" (Set up first then read the manual). Thats why we spent too much time trying to make the wireless controller work. It was because we didn't know you had to power on the controller first. There was a sticker stuck on the game pad that shout "Power button".

X360 in between messess

Yeah, the console is staying in bro's room. I will like it better to be put at the living room, so I don't have to knock his locked door to get inside and play. The only game I manage to play last night was Dead or Alive 4. Played only 1 match, against my bro.

Oh well, at least I won.

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Jan 6, 2008

Broken Pinata

New year resolutions are meant to be broken.

Remember my resolution to get a new computer? Consider it to be postponed to next year yet again.

Xbox360 bundle game
A pinata and a racing game

Have to go to work tomorrow. Still haven't finish my report.

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Jan 4, 2008

Knock Up!

1 down, 32 and counting more to go...

Oh yeah, I just finish my presentation. Now all thats left are writing reports, logbook and final report, AND offload most of my work to the others.

Supervisor: You have 1 week to do all this!
Me: Eeeekkk!

Okay, so I didn't squeak like a mouse, but I was so nervous, I keep stuttering and was unable to convey my message correctly. Oh heck, I couldn't find the right words to say! But my supervisor (SV) said it was good o_O.

IMO, maybe he knows the level and intern is, or maybe something else, I don't know, but it was hard restraining myself from saying 'Eh?'.

Other interesting thing to note; I forgot to print the form needed for the scoring, and had to wake up my little brother in the wee morning. Poor him, so sorry, I'll try to make it up for you, kay?

Which was actually for nothing, since the new printer just came to the office. w00t! I realize I'm still missing a few pages, so after some driver installation, all the documents needed has been freshly printed. Ahh, fresh from the printer~

Also my lecturer and sv gave me quite an idea to do my final year project. Its quite a big scale, so I have some doubts doing it, but we'll just see what the futures hold.

Which reminds me; I still haven't played the Wii! Or the 360! Or even Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction!!!

Please donate to Reiki's gaming fix, thank you.

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Jan 3, 2008

I'm Sick of You!

I'm telling you, its over!

Image from stock.xchng

Demmit, I hate you so much! You're such a pain, always giving me problem. You never think about my situation, about my feelings, what I have to go through because of you. You only think about yourself! I really hate that!

Thats it! I have enough of you. I don't want to see you anymore. It's over between us. Go and find someone else to play around with, to torment. All those times, the pains, they keep coming back to me, hunting me. I could never forgive you! Never!

Good riddance, painful stomach ache!!!


For more than a week my tummy has been giving me problems. I took my regular food consumption, and yet I find my stomach filled with gas. Because of that, my room has become dangerous with strange foul smell running loose in it.

I'm finally going to see the doctor today. I'm going to have my presentation tomorrow, don't want to miss it due to tummy ache, do we?

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