Dec 5, 2007

Theres a Face on Your Book?!

Reading your profile, stealing your identity...

LOLCat stealing a page. Pic not mine
Putting ma face onto ur book

So more of my friends are using Facebook. I'm sure lots of people have heard of the hype, so I won't bother explaining it to anyone. Besides, Google and Wikipedia wants you to visit them. Basically, me and my friends are checking out each other updates on Facebook more often. It makes keeping tabs on the naughty ones much easier.

The thing I like the most about Facebook are the applications that they allow you to add onto your profile. By now some of you knows that I'm addicted to add-ons, like Firefox extension, Foobar components and skins, desktop enhancement (links to Neowin) and etc, so its no wonder that my Facebook feels bloated now.

Favorite app? Anything that lets you be a meanie to your friends, poking and annoying them non-stop. Also I like linking my other web-presence account, like Blogger and Last.FM, no matter how futile my attempt to take over the world is.

Of course, its not all fine-and-dandy in Facebook, or we will have world peace by now. I used my fake name and a fake avatar in Facebook, wanting to socialize with people while protecting my identity a bit. Now nobody wants to be my friend. Boo-hoo. Of course (hey thats 2 already!), being a webapp, bugs are bound to fly around making babies, daring you to squash them. Some of them don't play nice with my browser. I mean, a fox losing to a bug?

My brother is using MySpace. First problem; he lies about his age. I am not going to help him if he gets in trouble with a homo or hetero dude. Oh heck, I'm not sure if thats worse than a peadophile. Why in the world did he even put his age and picture there? Don't you know that in many con case on internet transaction, some people were caught because they share just too much on their web profile?

Eh wait, thats actually the good thing.
Bad guys casully sharing their phone number and picture on the web. That was how some dude got busted for lying he was sick (a picture of him partying the same day was posted on Facebook). Now if only the authorities put more effort in figthing cyber-crime. No, it doesn't have to be bittorent. Kekek.

Anyway, it means that some users telling too many of their personal information on the web, like phone numbers. Also some social web doesn't help too, like making public the default value. Some users don't even know they can set their profile private, and their message board/wall/whatever gets spamed. Worse, some people might have stolen some important texts right under the user's nose, unlike someone pulling your hair nose, which you'll notice.

Now that many people wanna sociallize, networking with people on the web. From there rise some concerns about privacy. I'm trying to tame the news feed a bit; I want some activity to annoy my friend and hid others from prying eyes. Also, those apps keep wanting to send email out when I poke them or something, not only giving me more than 20 emails in 1 hour, it also smoke my spam alarm.

If some of you were interested with news petaining about Facebook, you'll know about their Beacon system. I like bacon better. Basically, I just don't want advertisers to collect my data and transmit it to I don't know where, not even my own news feed. I'm not looking for potential lovers or enemies you know. If I want to share anything with the world, I'll do it here, on my blog, or on Facebook using some other apps. Oh heck, I'll drag some people with me for world conquest.

No, I don't need to let my mother know that I bought another new video game to play.

From my lazy observation over the web, it seems that the problem Facebook faces is that they don't really take user's considerations serious enough. From the possiblity of data-mining, Platfrom Developers not being screened, to Beacaon sparking controversy, there is just no rest, yet theres is no denying that many people are migrating to Facebook.

Personally, I like Facebook. I didn't like MySpace early on because my friends (and my own) profile loads up really slow. I never used Friendster, and being an introvert, I'm just following what my friend are using and still keep in touch with them.

Also because Facebook "poke" feature is just so fun.

This post was brought to you by combining double cheeseburger, mushroom chicken chop and cappuccino Mexico bun. Yummy~

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