Dec 31, 2007


Lookie lookie, its almost New Year~

Unfortunately, being me means that its impossible to remember any significant things happening in 2007. Theres the good ones, the not so good ones, and the just-plain-distressing-and-cruel-you-will-think-the-whole-world-is-unfair ones.

What is it? Can't tell you~

Oh well, lets wrap this thing up, shall we?

Happy New Year to my family, friends, and everyone too. May your new beginning be blessed with joy and wealth. Cheers~


p.s., I can't remember what my 2007 resolution was, but no doubt it didn't get full filed.

2008 resolution; Remember my 2007 resolution and work on it!

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serena said...

Happy New Year, dear!~ XD May it bring you more awesome games and consoles to go crazee over. XD

And orz...your PSP came back from the far beyond. XD All the best on your presentation and internship.

Reiki said...

Sheepy, do you mind donating to my gaming fix? Pweaaase~?

Lol, thanks for the support my friend XD

RAINBOW said...

-Happy New Year Nad-

Prosperity Burger???? Hahahaha
i did not receive my november allowance yet....but that doesn't mean i will treat you

do it this way
u buy for yourself n imagine that it is from me

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