Dec 18, 2007

Only for a While

Got myself to watch the Final Fantasy XIII extended trailer. Cool trailer, me likes.

Been spending less time playing games, not only from lack of time, but also from lack of interest.

Monster Hunter Freedom 2
I like Watermelon

I think the fact that I have little patience with slowness doesn't help. Some of the RPG I was playing on the PSP is so slow, waiting for the enemy to attack takes time. Breath of Fire III moves much faster, which makes the meet-monsters-after-few-steps a bit tolerable. And darn, BoFIII monster just keep coming, I got lost forgetting what I'm supposed to do next.

Dragoneer's Aria... I don't know. The game just seem slow to me, the battle and system I mean. I think I'll have to play it a bit longer first before giving it to my brother.

Yes, I have little patience to slowness and little tolerance to failure. After losing so many times, I need to close the game, quarantine it for a few days then try again. If my will was broken so badly I'll forget to play the game altogether.

Of course, sometime I do go back and play the game again.

My brother gave me back my DS. Hurrray~ But he forgot to give me the charger and the thing have no juice! All 3 of my siblings are hooked with Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright, to the point that they though Appolo Justice is already released. Oh fanboys...

I'm losing my motivation to play games, or even to live. Life seems so boring and heavy. Maybe it's because I keep eating bread for lunch. They say eating bread for lunch makes you fat.


To be able to play games, is a luxury. I think.

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