Dec 2, 2007

Easy Come, Easy Go (Tech Edition)

Christmas is nearing; got your wish list written yet?

Any Malaysian went to the Pikom PC Fair? What did you bought? Must be nice to be able to afford those toys...


Till now, I am still stuck with my old P4 rig. The heatsink fan is making loud sound whenever the CPU kicks in, which is like, all the time. Argh, can't stand the noise. But for some reason I am still unable to collect enough money to buy it. Download a price list, and I need roughly RM3k or more, and thats for the computer case and inner hardware; no monitor or input/output devices.

Intel Core 2 Duo and Extreme
I still can't have you... Yet...

Well, there also a problem or technology advancing too fast. I was aiming for Intel E6750,when I found out that Intel's gonna roll out the new Penryn E8200; its almost the same with E6750, only with more cache size. The price is still the same though.

So its another wait-and-see approach, not that I have enough money to buy it anyway. I'm making and updating my wish list from time to time, hoping that my dream of getting a new PC are not farfetched.

I think I said the same thing last time. Can't remember.

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Sam said...

I have my wish list down already. It's mainly on my EIGHT meme. :D

Reiki said...

As usual, your meme and wish list are very nice to read X3

Still trying to make a decent wish list...

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