Dec 21, 2007

A Bit Different

Yesterday was Aidil-Adha. The day before that I forgot that the next day is going the festival day and so was allowed to go back after lunch that day.

A cattle sitting on the grass. Pic from stock.xchng

A worker forgot her copied fax and came, reason how I was finally inform about it, like 2 hours before lunch.

Unlike previous year, where the family usually go back to celebrate with a feast, this year we all just stay at home, doing prayers and sembelih at the local mosque. Then we go back home for some rendang, kuah kacang (peanut sauce) and lontong cooking.

I was also busy chasing cats cause they were just adorably cute!

After much work and sweating (not really, the constant rain season makes the day cool), we all sit together and eat todays hard work. And then we all retire to do our own things when we're too free. Guess its a bit different than previous year; it's much low profile, nothing special.


Owh, I forgot to tell you guys that most of the food have been finished, so I can't spare some and give it to you guys. Sorry~


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RAINBOW said...

o man
nad u celebrate hari raya with your family
so nice
im juz here but thank for my frenz from seremban coz pjmkan rumah die utk i beraya
cantik gambar lembu tue nad
u makan the whole daging die ker

Reiki said...

@rock; triple-post! Anyway, dapat celebrate ngan family bab saya duk umah, kalo cam mulaen la ;__;

Kalo boleh nak je makan 1 ekor, tapi brp besar la perut ku, kekek

Anonymous said...

i want fooodddddddd... u ate all?? how could u?? *sobs*
-pengaroo XP-

Reiki said...

Alamak, sorry ching. You were so far away I couldn't send some to you XP

Aiya, next year la X3

Sam said...



I shall avoid updating firmware myself now.

Reiki said...

Yuppers, the psps refused to work at all. But its nothing pandora can't do XP

Btw, there was no problem updating to fw 3.5x, its d 3.71 that gave me problem >.>

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