Nov 23, 2007

Woe is Meow~

I'm in despair!!!

My bid in world domination is failing! Oh gawd I fail in as a leader!

Me and my friends seems to have short attention span. We were instant messaging, discussing on where and what we want to do for our outing. Me being a terrible leader and 'kaki-ikut-saje' can't seem to decide what to do. Since trying to get donuts seems impossible (the queue is way too long), it was decided that we should go watch movies instead. Problem is that it was already fully booked.

Tickets fully booked

Though I manage to book it another day, I don't think many are willing to come, and its on the afternoon some more. Some of them don't mind if we go just lepak-lepak, but pity them-lar, will feel bored and lost...

Argh, problem is that I'm slow. If only I though of booking movie faster. Now the only thing left is just go there to eat and window shopping *cries*

On another side note, without proper guidance, it seems me and my friend has become lost farm animals. We keep getting sidetracked, from talking about donuts to some Korean artist I have no idea about to movies etcetera. It's been a while since a bunch of us are online messaging each other. I miss those days.

Heres a short story; one night me and my friend were busy chatting. MSN has a feature were we can sketch/draw in the IM window and send it like normal chat. So using that we were writing stories, staring me as a pirated seller o_O Keeping it short, I got road killed and returned from the dead as a spirit. The robber then took out a ghost-expelling charm, chanting "Spirit Begone!".

The next thing I know I get disconnected from MSN totally.

So if you ever need to exorcise ghost or spirit, I can recommend you my friend.

Reiki, the Vengeful Spirit, has edited the title...

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