Nov 27, 2007

Missing Opportunity

In an office...
Me: Boss, sir! I know this is last minute, but I'm going on leave today.
1 hour and several minutes later...
Boss: Ok.
Current location; Mid Valley Megamall.

Took a leave on Monday so that I could join my friend watch Startdust (or Habuk Bintang, quote from my friend Buaya). It was a nice movie, with random stuff thrown in. I haven't watch a movie for a while, so it was nice going out with friends.

Of course, taking leave means potong gaji (salary cut)!!!

Then we had sushi. I think the rice didn't agree with me, but at least it didn't force me to rush for the nearest toilet.

Speaking of toilet, we also went and visited The Gardens while we're there. Buaya says you have pay RM5 or pay more to use the VIP toilet. Had my stomach breakdown, I would have take the opportunity to try the VIP class.

But that was not the only missed opportunity. We only went there and walk around, windows shopping, not even buying any snacks. The place makes you feel like a fool for not bringing your credit card along, not like I have one anyway. Borders Bookstore haven't open yet, or me and my friend would have assaulted it. Many shops are still closed, and the pedestrian bridge aren't open yet.

Back to missed opportunity, I flipped through Monday's newspaper and found articles describing some of the food outlet at the Gardens. ZOMG, I was there yesterday and didn't pay any attention to the food outlet! 1 of the interesting cafe is 'Cova', a good place to chew some light snack. Some of the snacks that we missed are delicous crab cake, seared beef salad, sandwiches, burgers, and the drinks! Like white chocolate latte and hot white chocolate!

Cova at The Gardens. Pic from NST

Its white chocolate, dammit! I remembered eating white chocolate ice-cream and that was the best! Demmit I want some!!!

*Ahem* Lastly, they also have cakes, like the hazelnut praline cake, the cake version of Ferrero Rocher.

So not only did I missed eating donuts, I totallly missed this nice cafe right under my nose. I think I'll barricade myself in my room, reading a new book I just bought; The Questors by Joan Lennon.

If you have to fall, bring someone, or something, with you.

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serena said...

We missed food? EHHHHHHHHH..........


Reiki said...

Thats rite...

Zomg we missed food! I demand a replay!!!

Sam said...

Eeeeeeeee. Keluar tak ajak.

Reiki said...

@sam; There were lots of problem, but we're finally able to watch a movie. I'm aiming for enchanted next, so dun't you dare go and watch it yet!!!

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