Nov 22, 2007

I'm Hit!

Man down! Man down!

This week fever has manage to get to me. Because of that, I couldn't savor ice-cream and A&W properly. I have half-of-mind to assault people because 2 pint of root beer has been finished in just 2 days, with me only manage to drink 1 cup from it.

Took leave for 2 days due to sickness. Spending time sleeping has made my hair the more harder; its all spiky and rough again.

Also, despite the sickness, I'm trying to recruit slaves (read: friends) and drag the whole lot to an outing on weekends. I want to hunt donuts!!! But I couldn't reach them online (only have access to the modem on weekends) and my phone is out of credit...

Speaking of online, I manage to caught a friend of mine disguising herself offline. Argh, and I though I will never see her again... Anyway, looks like her exam haven't finish yet, but that didn't stop me from bugging her (I ask permission first and she says it was okay, she wasn't focus on studying either). I wanted to start a mass instant messagging bump, but that didn't work cause I was too sleepy.

Lack of internet because my bro hogs it on weekdays. But then, the modem is stuck wiith him even if he is not at home. Sheepy suggest that I get a router, for better sharing, which is something that should have been implemented at home for a long time, but failed due to lack of budget and ignorance. I'll be heading back to college in January, so having a router might not be so feasible. Also, I wonder what will happen if both of download torrent at the same time; won't we both suffer?

BS: You both seems to hog the poor thing.
Argh, don't lump me with my brother

Remember sheepy, I hold your blackmail picture. Kuuukukuku...

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serena said...

Horrrrrrr, sakit somemore nak makan donut.....<.<

Take lots of rest to recover ya? XDD

And stop blackmailing me EVERYWHERE with the dang piccie.....*glares*

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