Nov 6, 2007


Variety is tasty.

Nothing much to say. A friend of mine staying somewhere on planet earth, deprive of internet connection in her dorm suddenly called me.

Me: Hello?
She: Meow...
Me: Meow~
She: Meow...

Yes, thats how we greet each other, despite the fact she has 'Tori' (bird) as a nickname. I like to think it means chicken. So I have a sheep and a chicken as friends. Wheres the beef?

Apparently she doesn't have exams for a few days, and decide to call me. Me, being the bored person with no life, decide to entertain her in the most silliest way I can think off.

Meaning when I talk, I don't think first. All sort of random things were spewed out of my mouth, like repeating my torrent list, staging a strike against college, committing suicide by killing or burning yourself, and shouting "I'm in despair!!!" or "The internet has failed me!!" every once in a while.

Oh, her mobile was on loudspeaker-mode to boot. Great.

So she called me just to bully me. But thats okay, thats what friends do anyway. So yeah, Tori-chan, I'm dedicating this post to you. Jangan mareh ye~

I'm in despair!!

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chicz said...

chicken sounds yummy!

hi nad! :)

serena said...

nyahhhh~! Tori-chan!
How is she? XD

Reiki said...

@chicz: owh, theres 1 more bird here! X3 Hope ur doing well!

@sheepy: How is she? Bored between exams I guess, lol!

Sam said...

I would be beef, but that's only coz' my boyfriend calls me his beef. :P

Reiki said...

Owh, then you shall be nominated 'Beefy Sam!'

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