Nov 27, 2007

Missing Opportunity

In an office...
Me: Boss, sir! I know this is last minute, but I'm going on leave today.
1 hour and several minutes later...
Boss: Ok.
Current location; Mid Valley Megamall.

Took a leave on Monday so that I could join my friend watch Startdust (or Habuk Bintang, quote from my friend Buaya). It was a nice movie, with random stuff thrown in. I haven't watch a movie for a while, so it was nice going out with friends.

Of course, taking leave means potong gaji (salary cut)!!!

Then we had sushi. I think the rice didn't agree with me, but at least it didn't force me to rush for the nearest toilet.

Speaking of toilet, we also went and visited The Gardens while we're there. Buaya says you have pay RM5 or pay more to use the VIP toilet. Had my stomach breakdown, I would have take the opportunity to try the VIP class.

But that was not the only missed opportunity. We only went there and walk around, windows shopping, not even buying any snacks. The place makes you feel like a fool for not bringing your credit card along, not like I have one anyway. Borders Bookstore haven't open yet, or me and my friend would have assaulted it. Many shops are still closed, and the pedestrian bridge aren't open yet.

Back to missed opportunity, I flipped through Monday's newspaper and found articles describing some of the food outlet at the Gardens. ZOMG, I was there yesterday and didn't pay any attention to the food outlet! 1 of the interesting cafe is 'Cova', a good place to chew some light snack. Some of the snacks that we missed are delicous crab cake, seared beef salad, sandwiches, burgers, and the drinks! Like white chocolate latte and hot white chocolate!

Cova at The Gardens. Pic from NST

Its white chocolate, dammit! I remembered eating white chocolate ice-cream and that was the best! Demmit I want some!!!

*Ahem* Lastly, they also have cakes, like the hazelnut praline cake, the cake version of Ferrero Rocher.

So not only did I missed eating donuts, I totallly missed this nice cafe right under my nose. I think I'll barricade myself in my room, reading a new book I just bought; The Questors by Joan Lennon.

If you have to fall, bring someone, or something, with you.

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Nov 23, 2007

Woe is Meow~

I'm in despair!!!

My bid in world domination is failing! Oh gawd I fail in as a leader!

Me and my friends seems to have short attention span. We were instant messaging, discussing on where and what we want to do for our outing. Me being a terrible leader and 'kaki-ikut-saje' can't seem to decide what to do. Since trying to get donuts seems impossible (the queue is way too long), it was decided that we should go watch movies instead. Problem is that it was already fully booked.

Tickets fully booked

Though I manage to book it another day, I don't think many are willing to come, and its on the afternoon some more. Some of them don't mind if we go just lepak-lepak, but pity them-lar, will feel bored and lost...

Argh, problem is that I'm slow. If only I though of booking movie faster. Now the only thing left is just go there to eat and window shopping *cries*

On another side note, without proper guidance, it seems me and my friend has become lost farm animals. We keep getting sidetracked, from talking about donuts to some Korean artist I have no idea about to movies etcetera. It's been a while since a bunch of us are online messaging each other. I miss those days.

Heres a short story; one night me and my friend were busy chatting. MSN has a feature were we can sketch/draw in the IM window and send it like normal chat. So using that we were writing stories, staring me as a pirated seller o_O Keeping it short, I got road killed and returned from the dead as a spirit. The robber then took out a ghost-expelling charm, chanting "Spirit Begone!".

The next thing I know I get disconnected from MSN totally.

So if you ever need to exorcise ghost or spirit, I can recommend you my friend.

Reiki, the Vengeful Spirit, has edited the title...

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Nov 22, 2007

I'm Hit!

Man down! Man down!

This week fever has manage to get to me. Because of that, I couldn't savor ice-cream and A&W properly. I have half-of-mind to assault people because 2 pint of root beer has been finished in just 2 days, with me only manage to drink 1 cup from it.

Took leave for 2 days due to sickness. Spending time sleeping has made my hair the more harder; its all spiky and rough again.

Also, despite the sickness, I'm trying to recruit slaves (read: friends) and drag the whole lot to an outing on weekends. I want to hunt donuts!!! But I couldn't reach them online (only have access to the modem on weekends) and my phone is out of credit...

Speaking of online, I manage to caught a friend of mine disguising herself offline. Argh, and I though I will never see her again... Anyway, looks like her exam haven't finish yet, but that didn't stop me from bugging her (I ask permission first and she says it was okay, she wasn't focus on studying either). I wanted to start a mass instant messagging bump, but that didn't work cause I was too sleepy.

Lack of internet because my bro hogs it on weekdays. But then, the modem is stuck wiith him even if he is not at home. Sheepy suggest that I get a router, for better sharing, which is something that should have been implemented at home for a long time, but failed due to lack of budget and ignorance. I'll be heading back to college in January, so having a router might not be so feasible. Also, I wonder what will happen if both of download torrent at the same time; won't we both suffer?

BS: You both seems to hog the poor thing.
Argh, don't lump me with my brother

Remember sheepy, I hold your blackmail picture. Kuuukukuku...

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Nov 9, 2007

Plain Soup

My favorite ice-cream flavor is vanilla. Go figures.


As usual, we were polluting the environment, boiling soup using wooden fire. Really, after my mom receive the divine revelation, fire is our new hero. She prefers wood more than charcoal though.

So a plate of plain rice, a cup (or mug?) of plain water, and a bowl of plain sup tulang rawan. Yummy~

Of course, notice theres no visible vegetable or fruits? Either they're long gone before this picture taken, or I'm getting fatter...

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Nov 6, 2007


Variety is tasty.

Nothing much to say. A friend of mine staying somewhere on planet earth, deprive of internet connection in her dorm suddenly called me.

Me: Hello?
She: Meow...
Me: Meow~
She: Meow...

Yes, thats how we greet each other, despite the fact she has 'Tori' (bird) as a nickname. I like to think it means chicken. So I have a sheep and a chicken as friends. Wheres the beef?

Apparently she doesn't have exams for a few days, and decide to call me. Me, being the bored person with no life, decide to entertain her in the most silliest way I can think off.

Meaning when I talk, I don't think first. All sort of random things were spewed out of my mouth, like repeating my torrent list, staging a strike against college, committing suicide by killing or burning yourself, and shouting "I'm in despair!!!" or "The internet has failed me!!" every once in a while.

Oh, her mobile was on loudspeaker-mode to boot. Great.

So she called me just to bully me. But thats okay, thats what friends do anyway. So yeah, Tori-chan, I'm dedicating this post to you. Jangan mareh ye~

I'm in despair!!

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