Oct 27, 2007

Burn Baby Burn!

This means war!

Making Lemang

Get your weapons ready! Load up your guns, rocket launchers and cannons with ammunition! Its going to be a long day ahead! Don't give in to the heat, because today, we'll dine in hell!!!

This is sparta~~!!!

Oh yeah, I've been busy visiting relatives this Aidilfitri week, what with stuffing my mouth with cookies, rendang, lemang and lots of other food as much as I can. My mom has receive divine knowledge to make 15 lemang at the back of the house. Yours truly was roped in to help see through the smoky adventure.

The bamboo needs to be burned in an open area. With my mom's latest creation, the small cement hut behind the house, our family has become notorious for spreading mouth-watering inducing smokes(when my mom cooks-la). I wonder if the neighbors will complain about it. Oh wait, did they notice it?

I'm grateful that (married)big bro came a bit to help me, albeit just a while. Then left me to take refuge from the rain under the pondok terbakar. Dad also appeared, for awhile. The he went to sleep. Yes, I have nickname the small cement hut we used to do open burning and pollution as 'pondok terbakar'.

Mommy, help me~

Other than lemang, there was also rendang, but that was easier, since all I need is stir the meat so it won't get burned, whereas the lemang requires me to roll them with my hands to make sure they don't turn black, then knocking the bamboo to compact the rice inside the bamboo. Not to mention trying to control the fire was pretty damn hard; I actually smelled burned!

+50pts in cooking!

More pictures at Flickr

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Oct 13, 2007

Final Wish

I... Am... Tired...

Was so busy making lemang yesterday. SO didn't have time to wish properly. Just got back from Raya prayer.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Maaf Zahir dan Batin~

p/s: I want my duit raya~!

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Oct 10, 2007

Virtual Window

Tagged! You're it!!

Sam just tagged me for being an on/off reader of his blog. Well, can't help it when I can't read your blog; I'm either busy doing my work(read: being spied) or wasting time playing games XP

desktop screenshot
I DO NOT display my own name on my desktop.

So thats how my current desktop looks like. Simple and clean(maybe a lil dirty-lah). I'm using an old visual style, haven't found a new one that I like. A simple blue wallpaper, I seldom use wallpapers with people or character on it, mainly because it's harder to arrange the stuff on my desktop.


Say hello to Gundam Exia. I'm using foobar2000 as my music player, maily because it can handle my music library with no problem. Winamp and Windows Media Player 10 slows down when they read my hard drive. The configuration file you see is not mine; got it from deviantART. Very nice when you have album art. I didn't fix the current song's cover art, so you can see part of the back cover on top.


I just loves using RocketDock. Yeah, theres still some icons on my desktop; My brother installed 3DMark on the desktop, haven't remove it till now. Also to remove the recycle bin, some tweaking is needed, which I'm too lazy to do. Icons on the docks, from left to right;
  • Programs shortcut, it link to most of my application that I used. I keep my dock minimized by using menuApp; it links to a folder that stores all the shortcut that I'm using
  • Firefox, my favorite web browser. I've put too many add-ons that its now bloated. :burp:
  • uTorrent, a bittorrent client, for p2p stuff. No installation needed. Just what I needed
  • foobar2000, my main music player and library. You can get the config I'm using from here.
  • Media player Classic. I'm using K-Lite coded pack, and the player comes with it. Use it more than Windows Media Player
  • My Computer. You know what this is.
  • Anime folder. Shortcut to all my animes. Problem is my bro will glue himself to my pc looking at every single anime that I have. Darn
  • Recycle bin, even though I have one stuck on the upper left corner
  • A clock, cause I don't have anything better to do

Other apps you see is Rainlender. Unfortunately because I have a small monitor, the calendar always gets blocked by other apps. Also I haven't use Samurize for a while now. Problem is that it kinda didn't fit into my desktop.

I want a bigger monitor.

Well there you have it. I dislike to dump many icons on my desktop. I usually dump my downloaded files straight in their respective folder, although sometimes they do get lost and I can't remember where I put it.

Aisey, who am I suppose to tag? Oh darn it;
  1. Sheepy (yes I know I keep tormenting you, and I'll keep doing it X3)
  2. Rock (cause you just started blogging, so here something to post about)
  3. Seila (cause you like pictures! X3)
Phew, finally finish...

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