Sep 13, 2007

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

The beginning of the end...

Only dust is left

The war has ended. All that is left is to wait for the fire to die out, the smoke to clear, and then we can start the cleansing process...

The scorching flame boils

Yet the scorching flames continues... It burns... It burns the heretics... The unbelievers... Boiling them deeps in the abyss...

Torment is delicious

How delicious is pleasure after torment!


So uh... Did this post make any sense? Basically my mom force her daugthers (include in-law) to help her cooking some sup tulang and rendang before Ramadhan arrives. Mom says she won't have time to do it during fasting month, so better do it now.

So we were busy polluting the environment by doing some open-burning activities using some wood that still got nails stuck on it that was dumped in front of the house.

But who cares, so long my stomach is happy. Selamat berpuasa semua! Happy fasting season everyone!

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serena said...

Good luck with the fasting month~! XD

៚LunaTic_TeeniE said...

oh man..... Rendang is my favorite!!! I just love eating it.. specially Danging!!! yummy!!!

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