Sep 27, 2007


I love playing games. No secret there.

I love playing role-paying games (RPGs) the most, though I do play strategy, platformer, action and adventure games once in a while. It all started when my parents though it would be better if their children stay at home instead of going to the park to play, forgetting to come back home before dinner.

I think my mom is regretting it now.

I remember the first game console we had was a Micro Genius.(or was it a Sega Genesis? Can't remember) The first game we played, I can't remember, but I think it was something similar to Macross/Robotech; an airplane that can turn into a robot. There were other games too, but I could hardly remember them. I remember playing Donkey Kong though.

Oh gawd, I could never win those games ever since I was a kid.

When the family moved, we went to a new shopping complex. Thats when we bought our next console game, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). Reason why we became crazy about Street Figther and Mario. Next came the IBM computer (forgot which series), then the Playstation, and lastly the successor the Playstation 2 (PS2).

SNES game console
The SNES is staying in the house, though unusable...

Now that I'm going for industrial training, I find less time to play. Usually I spend 3 hours straight or more playing games, forgetting to eat meals or doing chores. My mood can easily change when someone bothers me while I'm engrossed playing my games. Meeting new characters, fighting enemies, solving puzzle and advancing the story. It's an opportunity to go into another world or reality.

One thing missing, I only been able to play games with my brothers. Now that we grow older and have other commitment (not to mention, keeping the PS2 in his room with my memory card), I've been missing the action. Currently playing Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (MHF2) on the PSP, going on a solo hunt isn't as exciting as going with a group of hunters. I don't use wireless at home, so no way to connect to the world wide web.

And Sam wanted to get the Xbox360 first. Boo-hoo, no hunting partner, lol.

For me, gaming is fun. Gaming can also give you knowledge and train your basic motor skills. In fact, lately I find myself blaming my lack of gaming for my failure do to things that I was capable doing when I was smaller, like finding my way around town.

Before, when playing RPGs, I seldom use the map. Now, I keep going through the wrong exit.

Playing MMORPGs help me communicate more comfortably with other people. I'm not sure why but I'm usually reserve around people and could hardly speak to someone I hardly knows. Now that my computer is lacking processor power to run World of Warcraft (WoW), Granado Espada or even Ragnarok Online (RO), I don't indulge in MMO anymore.

Gaming is still a part of me. Heck, I grew up playing games. I won't give up just yet. I'm going to do my best to support my interest, and try to rope in some friends to tag along with me. Playing games together with families and friends are of course fun.

Monster Hunter Freedom 2
Yeah! to Gaming!

So what should I aim next? A dual core computer? A Nintendo Wii? Xbox 360? PS3?

I'll let my wallet decide. Later. For now, I need to remember to stop by a shop and buy some game magazines.

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Sep 21, 2007


When procrastination strikes...

Owh gawd, I'm terrible at focussing. For some reason I can only give my attention to one thing and no other. I won't notice people calling me or whats happening around.

Look at the pretty lights
Look at the pretty lights...

Also its been a very slow days these few days. Maybe I should start doing some game reviews, now that I finally learned how to take screen shot of my psp game ^^

Slow as snail~

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Sep 13, 2007

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

The beginning of the end...

Only dust is left

The war has ended. All that is left is to wait for the fire to die out, the smoke to clear, and then we can start the cleansing process...

The scorching flame boils

Yet the scorching flames continues... It burns... It burns the heretics... The unbelievers... Boiling them deeps in the abyss...

Torment is delicious

How delicious is pleasure after torment!


So uh... Did this post make any sense? Basically my mom force her daugthers (include in-law) to help her cooking some sup tulang and rendang before Ramadhan arrives. Mom says she won't have time to do it during fasting month, so better do it now.

So we were busy polluting the environment by doing some open-burning activities using some wood that still got nails stuck on it that was dumped in front of the house.

But who cares, so long my stomach is happy. Selamat berpuasa semua! Happy fasting season everyone!

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Sep 11, 2007

The Truth Hurts

A snippet from Lifehacker;

"Have you ever known people who have to turn on a TV or a radio the
moment they enter a room, or can't stand to do work without some sound
on? These are people who are desperately afraid of confronting some
truth about themselves, so they try to drown it out with constant
You know, I have the habit of listening to my mp3 player and stuffing my ears with the earphones, either when I commmute around college or using a computer(thats not in my house).

So I'm afraid of myself.

The only thing I cared about is myself.

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