Aug 31, 2007

Cold Beauty

These are beautiful white rose for my happily just-got-married brother and sister-in-law.

Beautiful white rose

And yeah, wee keep it in the fridge XP

In the fridge

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serena said...

Oh ohhh, I remember seeing that picture on your comp! XD Thanks for inviting me over, dear~~ nyahhhhhhh

alex said...

Eventually he recognized them more readily than I.. Not that he had ever told her of them in so many words, but--Oh, I need not stop here in the midst of this narration to explain how such intentions become known, or at least strongly suspected by girls, even those less bright than Marann Fluker...

fadz said...

nad makan byk kat kelantan..:p~~~

Reiki said...

@sheepy: hauhau, thanks for coming, lost little lamb. I want to visit borders again! XD

@fadz: oi makcik, jgn pecahkan tembelang ku da~ >.>

RAINBOW said...

hai Nad
nice pic tue
seronok tgk
mesti enjoy sgtlah tue kan

RAINBOW said...

mesti u enjoy sgt2 kan
ada igt kat saya tak

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