Aug 31, 2007

Cold Beauty

These are beautiful white rose for my happily just-got-married brother and sister-in-law.

Beautiful white rose

And yeah, wee keep it in the fridge XP

In the fridge

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Aug 28, 2007

My New Love

I have found my new love.

I am so oblivious to current news and anything happening around me. I know Borders Bookstores existed in Malaysia, but I did not know where they were located, nor did I have any interest visiting that store.

All that change when a friend of mine recommended me to go there instead. I did not know how big the store was, how much manga they have there and the fact that you can sit there and browse through the opened book.

Oh darn I'm loving this place.

I'm also starting to hate my self ignorance.

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Aug 17, 2007

Kelantan Here I Come

Going to Kelantan tomorrow; its about big bro's wedding o_O! We're going to visit the bride's house 1st.

I haven't fly on an airplane for so many years, what should I pack? Think they'll confisticate my Nintendo DS or PSP?

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Aug 1, 2007

The Devil I Knew

The devil can be so cute.

Click for full view
Click for full view

So this happen months ago, while I was still staying in the hostel. Argh, I miss the cute little devil...

p.s. Obvious typo. No spelling correction in MS Paint...

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