Jul 19, 2007

Too Early?

Most of you probably know it by now; A new Sony PSP is coming out soon. I just bought my PSP last month some more.

New Sony PSPLite, pic from Engadget

The new PSP(unofficially called 'PSPLite' by some fans) is slimmer, ligther, and include a video output. Also the new model is equipped with features to temporarily store game data from UMD, reducing load time during game play. Though the list is small, some of the features does seems useful, and makes people says, "We want it". But for me, the problem is...
  1. I already have a PSP thats less than a year old
  2. Saving money to buy the next-gen console
  3. PSP UMD games are expensive (in Malaysia)
  4. PSP game library is smaller than the Nindento DS
  5. PSP modder extraordinare Dark Alex calls it quits
So all in all, those who haven't got a PSP, you might want to try out the new kid when it comes out.

For me, I'll be waiting to get my paycheck in hopes to buy a Nintendo Wii and a XBox360 Guitar Hero II with Guitar(Big bro wants to buy the console). That will probably will take a long time to come true. Till then; Sings DJ Max Portable 2 OP song; Your Own Miracle. YouTube Link

p.s. I still digg the silver color no matter what.

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