Jul 9, 2007

My Game, My World

Oh yes, already been working for more than a month and have yet to receive my first paycheck

Sorry dad, can I borrow some money?


Despite not getting my 1st paycheck yet, I'm amaze how much money I have spend. I contacted 3 different online seller buying 3 different stuff from each of them.

All stuff related to my PSP and NDSLite.

I guess I'm moving towards console gaming rather than anime and manga. I spend more money buying games(not including the consoles) than manga, even though I bought 4 books from Kinokuniya the other day...

Thanks dad for lending me some money.

Spending more time playing PSP, since I got depress after losing my NDS game. Although I have to make a point; NDS game is so much more fun the PSP.

I miss my NDS...

I also miss my notebook where I wrote down all my thoughts on what to blog last month. Where the heck did it go? I can't remember what I wanted to write anymore...

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