Jul 9, 2007

A Family Bond

I like seeing a happy family.

A home where I can go back to

People who loves and cherish me

A guardian to protect and guide me

Brothers and sisters to play with

Someone with a warm touch and soothing smile

Holding me in a tight embrace

As I drift deep into slumber

Hoping everything will last

But it didn't

A towering voice came

Claiming the land as theirs

Force us out of our home

Their booming voice aloud

Striking fear into our heart

Now without a home to go back

We are still a family

Still sticking together

Plotting revenge to reclaim our home

Have you ever met a cat with a vengeance?

Family of cats

My house is under renovation, so there is some holes here and there where a cat could sneak in. Apparently a family of cat decided to come in and make themselves at home. The mother cat already have 4 or 5 teenagers with her and now shes pregnant with another litter of kittens.

Father cat must be pretty lousy.

Being a family of cat, I really like seeing them around the house, just not inside the house. Cats are particularly strays that are afraid of human yet knows that were there is human, theres bound to be food.

Besides, since they are teenagers, the cats don't look as cute as their kitten counterparts.

So we've been on our guard the whole week, making sure no cats goes through our defenses. But we're talking about a cat here; creatures that can squeeze through any nook and cranny they can find. So they manage to find their way into the living room and leave their mark(read: poop) there.

Next time I see you, I'm taking my (water)gun out.

Just you wait! I shall have my revenge!

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serena said...

oh ohhhh, kittiesssss!

*wants to drop by to see and kacau*

Reiki said...

uUhu, got so much fun scaring them using ambush attack. Be warned, they aint so cute anymore...

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