Jul 25, 2007


I was asked to search for some data from the local newspaper and insert it into a database. While flipping the paper, I came across an article about Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Oh darn that looks delicious.

So opened up the web browser ans start Googling. My adventure took me to various site, such as Food Network, WokkingMom and Itadakimasu, though I lost my focus from chicken rice to salmon tempura to bento to... Ah well, forgot already.

Though I do remember stumbling to Mingle2. I took a quiz there and here is the result;

Online Dating

Kids, stay away from here.

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Jul 19, 2007

Taken Away

I lost something very important.

Reality is harsh; you would not know how much trivial things are actually important to you until you lose. Take it from me; I always takes things for granted, and realize my stupidity afterward.

So please, cherish every little thing and everything you have. You would never know how long it will last.

And please, give me back my close button...(click for spoiler)

Okaaaay... Updated my Scribefire to version 1.4.1; where did my close button go to? Others have already commented on the lack of close button. Will be waiting patiently for the next update. Huhu.

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Too Early?

Most of you probably know it by now; A new Sony PSP is coming out soon. I just bought my PSP last month some more.

New Sony PSPLite, pic from Engadget

The new PSP(unofficially called 'PSPLite' by some fans) is slimmer, ligther, and include a video output. Also the new model is equipped with features to temporarily store game data from UMD, reducing load time during game play. Though the list is small, some of the features does seems useful, and makes people says, "We want it". But for me, the problem is...
  1. I already have a PSP thats less than a year old
  2. Saving money to buy the next-gen console
  3. PSP UMD games are expensive (in Malaysia)
  4. PSP game library is smaller than the Nindento DS
  5. PSP modder extraordinare Dark Alex calls it quits
So all in all, those who haven't got a PSP, you might want to try out the new kid when it comes out.

For me, I'll be waiting to get my paycheck in hopes to buy a Nintendo Wii and a XBox360 Guitar Hero II with Guitar(Big bro wants to buy the console). That will probably will take a long time to come true. Till then; Sings DJ Max Portable 2 OP song; Your Own Miracle. YouTube Link

p.s. I still digg the silver color no matter what.

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Me, Myself and I

I hate... Myself. The most.

Not a day past without bad luck finding new ways to torment me. No matter what I do, things bound to go wrong. Whether my intentions were good or plain evil, I will always be un/justly punished, for whatever reason.

Oh no

Some people don't follow rules, cause its troublesome. I find that to be true. I gave my cellphone to the examiner during exam and had to wait for more than 30 minutes to take it back because they misplace it. The rule is that cellphone are forbidden inside the examination hall. Now I opt to keep my cellphone inside my pocket, silent mode.

Things usually don't go as you plan, especially when your parents think you're just going off to play around in a shopping mall. I have an important meeting to attend and my parents drag me around the state finding lost relatives.

They thought all I wanted to do was watch Transformer...

Theres also the problem of being hot headed. As a younger sister, I'm shocked that my older brother gets the 'internet' privileges more than me because he's currently studying. I'm supposed to use it only on weekends, but even then he still just take the modem away cause he wants to use it.

So as a considerate little sister, I sacrifice myself to let you use the internet to do your work while downloading 'stuff' from Megaupload and torrent at the same time.

Am I getting divine punishment from the heavens for this???

Theres also the 'You Are the Chosen One' speech from parents. Basically, "Do these-and-that because your brother won't listen to me anymore,". Mom and dad doesn't want to waste energy asking help from my brother when I'm around; they will just refer it back to me. Off I go.

The feeling that all your effort and time used was wasted. Darn just how many deja vu should I go through? I came to work early, the door is closed. I did my assignment on my own, only to find that I don't need to send it at all. Crammed for a test, turns out it was canceled. Went to Burger King, finds out can't buy burger yet. Went to take parcel from the college's office, had to go to different office to get it. And the list go on.

Of course, the worst was when my brother corrupted my Moero! Nekketsu Rizumu-damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ōendan Tsū, making my effort to beat the game on all difficullity worthless. Now have to start from the beginning again!

So now, trying to focus on DJ Max Portable 2 and my goodness, this game is damn hard! I can barely play 5 button! Tried playing level 7 and couldn't get even a B cause my hand and fingers hurt while playing it.

Taiko no Tatsujin DS Boxart
Taiko no Tatsujin DS, hurry up and come out!!!

p.s. Can't find Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology in any shops. Sam got himself a Nintendo Wii. I need my gaming fix...

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Jul 9, 2007

A Family Bond

I like seeing a happy family.

A home where I can go back to

People who loves and cherish me

A guardian to protect and guide me

Brothers and sisters to play with

Someone with a warm touch and soothing smile

Holding me in a tight embrace

As I drift deep into slumber

Hoping everything will last

But it didn't

A towering voice came

Claiming the land as theirs

Force us out of our home

Their booming voice aloud

Striking fear into our heart

Now without a home to go back

We are still a family

Still sticking together

Plotting revenge to reclaim our home

Have you ever met a cat with a vengeance?

Family of cats

My house is under renovation, so there is some holes here and there where a cat could sneak in. Apparently a family of cat decided to come in and make themselves at home. The mother cat already have 4 or 5 teenagers with her and now shes pregnant with another litter of kittens.

Father cat must be pretty lousy.

Being a family of cat, I really like seeing them around the house, just not inside the house. Cats are particularly strays that are afraid of human yet knows that were there is human, theres bound to be food.

Besides, since they are teenagers, the cats don't look as cute as their kitten counterparts.

So we've been on our guard the whole week, making sure no cats goes through our defenses. But we're talking about a cat here; creatures that can squeeze through any nook and cranny they can find. So they manage to find their way into the living room and leave their mark(read: poop) there.

Next time I see you, I'm taking my (water)gun out.

Just you wait! I shall have my revenge!

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My Game, My World

Oh yes, already been working for more than a month and have yet to receive my first paycheck

Sorry dad, can I borrow some money?


Despite not getting my 1st paycheck yet, I'm amaze how much money I have spend. I contacted 3 different online seller buying 3 different stuff from each of them.

All stuff related to my PSP and NDSLite.

I guess I'm moving towards console gaming rather than anime and manga. I spend more money buying games(not including the consoles) than manga, even though I bought 4 books from Kinokuniya the other day...

Thanks dad for lending me some money.

Spending more time playing PSP, since I got depress after losing my NDS game. Although I have to make a point; NDS game is so much more fun the PSP.

I miss my NDS...

I also miss my notebook where I wrote down all my thoughts on what to blog last month. Where the heck did it go? I can't remember what I wanted to write anymore...

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