Jun 19, 2007

Broken Yet Again

Broken horns, broken wing.

They took my sanity.

They invade my sanctuary.

And bind me with their spell.

Not able to fly into the dark again.

I'm slowly breaking from the inside.


God, I'm terrible with literature...

Huhu, it's been 3 weeks since I went for my practical training. Trying my best to survive life at desk. Mah, the work is hard, but heres hoping I'll get my pay soon XDXD

Because I'm terribly broke now.

I was browsing my Lowyat.net v2 forum when I came across some traders selling DJ Max Portable for the PSP. That totally got me hooked! I wanted the game so badly, I made plans to buy myself a PSP even though I already have the Nintendo DSLite.

Well, after some hiccups, I manage to buy a silver PSP for myself(love that color). Thing is, I wasn't able to secure DJMaxPortable.


The PSP is a grand machine, but it faces the same problem as its older siblings(Playstation3); lack of (fun&enjoyable)games. What with my brother destroying my DS's game, and having to work on weekdays, I find myself losing to fate.

Still need some scrubbing

I want to play games, but I can't

Must be because my mom believes girls shouldn't play games

Give me back my free time!!!

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Sam said...

"Girls shouldn't play games! Mesti belajar baik-baik kat rumah!"

Since when la!? These days - girls gotta go out and rawk this 21st Century World. Especially video games. A must.

Long live video games!

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