Jun 22, 2007


Quote for Wikipedia;

Amnesia or amnæsia is a condition in which memory is disturbed. The causes of amnesia are organic or functional. Organic causes include damage to the brain, through trauma or disease, or use of certain (generally sedative) drugs. Functional causes are psychological factors, such as defense mechanisms. Hysterical post-traumatic amnesia is an example of this. Amnesia may also be spontaneous, in the case of transient global amnesia. This global type of amnesia is more common in middle-aged to elderly people, particularly males, and usually lasts less than 24 hours.

So have you ever get hit by amnesia? I find functional amnesia very fascinating. This type of amnesia rarely occurs in story I read, where organic causes are more rampant.

Because the truths are now always pleasant.

Not everything is made of sugar, spice and everything nice. Some are just plain foul that you're stupid for eating it in d 1st place. I hate it when that happens, because that went my believe and principle starts to fall apart.

Take it for example today; A friend reminded me that i have something very important to do.

As a practical student or trainee, I'm supposed to write a weekly report and give it to my supervisor for him to validate and sign...

But after 3 weeks I still haven't wrote a single thing. Not to mention I have no idea what I did this few days...

Lets hope my SV wouldn't mind all the crap I intend to write...

Now where did I put that darn pen...?

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Fran said...

Amnesia (specifically TGA - transient global amnesia) can also be caused by statin (cholesterol lowering) drugs.
You might want to read this article:
"Statins Kill Your Brain"


Reiki said...

Cholesterol lowering drugs o_O?? Owh, shows that you shouldnt rely on drugs to stay healthy ^^;;

LunaTic_TeeniE said...

Wahuhuhu.... I haven't written my report too.. But what crape to talk about!!

s3iLa =)

Reiki said...

Do what my bro did; "I learned *insert programming language here* this week" In 80% of your report XP

Palm Springs Savant said...

there was something I wanted to write, but I forgot what it was...

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