Apr 30, 2007

Busy Body

Wahh, been so busy these few days. Next week is study week, so this week is the last week to finish any test, assignment, project and presentation. So many things that need to be finish, so don't have much time to update...

But I do have time for micro-blogging. Take a peek at the right sidebar there to see my twitter. You can also check my twitter page if you like.

Thanks and have a nice day~

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Apr 26, 2007


Just came back from futsal match. Finally was able to go through 9 match >_< Need to finish work but so tired...

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Apr 15, 2007


Just when I thought everything was fine...

When I thought that was the best time...

The time when I needed you the most...

Yet you betrayed me. You failed on me...

You made me lost my trust in you...

Now I find myself lost and broken inside out...


Who broke the darn washing machine?!?! It was working fine just now!! Demmit, how am I suppose to wash all those laundry?!?! I have lecture first thing in the morning on Monday!!!

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This is just a test to test ScribeFire and my internet. Both are acting like a spoiled brat today.

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Apr 10, 2007

A Hearty Meal

I declare today KFC day!!!

There was some exhibition held today, so KFC was around to sell their product.

Of course I didn't miss the opportunity, kekek...

p.s. No pics of the nugget coz they went straight into my belly before I get the chance to shot some pictures...

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Apr 7, 2007

Rich or Just Plain Chepskate?

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Rejoice my fellow comrades; The money has been bank-in!

Haha, as scholarship students(I shall call schoolers), there was much fuss when the sponsors decided to deposit the money once every month rather than 4 times a year; this means less money to spend every month ^^

See, the old methods means that schoolers get 4 months worth of money in 1 go. So they get more money than the new method, though it means they need to make sure theres still some money left until the next deposit.

Of course, depending on how you use it, some people will just end up with dust in their wallet, regardless of the payment scheme.

Then there was panic when the sponsor was late in depositing the money. Go to class and hear people asking "Duit dah masuk ke?" ("Has the money come in?").

But you can't blame them; its almost the end of the month. I'm sure working people will have problems too when its nearing the end.

When we were just sitting at the cafe, waiting for class to start, some of my friend didn't have enough money, so I lend them some. The 1 friend said that "Eh, kaya-lah"("Eh, rich-lah").

Me: Bukan kaya, kemut.(Not rich, cheapskate)

Yes, the only reason I get through every month without problems is because I don't use them >_< I sit in my room rusting my already dead brain away without doing anything productive.

Well, except playing the DS.

So I don't go out and eat expensive food; My motto is eat less than RM10 a day whenever possible (does not apply with fast food restaurant, like KFC), I don't call people much so I hardly need to buy prepaid credit for my handphone, I don't drive the car around that a spider decides to make its home on it, and I want to amass as much money as possible to buy a new pc, which seems impossible.

So my friend, if you don't want to hit the wall when it's nearing the end of the month, don't overspend!

p.s. This probably won't help those who have other commitment, like a boy/girlfriend XP

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