Mar 6, 2007

Got Pain, Still No Gain?

Studying make my glasses thicker...

Was it worth the sweats and tears?

Yes, this week is full of test, and I still don't like em. Why should I be force to put any knowledge in my brain on paper? It doesn't make any sense!

Mom: Stop complaining and go read your books!

Me: *grumblegrumble*

Anyway, I was forced to join a futsal league. Darn, why did they choose a lazy bum like me?


Well, the match was pretty fierce, competing with final year student and what not. I manage to earn some bruises, especially on my left arm. Now I can't change the car gear properly...

Also my new glasses has suffered some damaged too. My teammates were horrified when they saw me crashing(actually, my own team member crashes into me...) with the others and my glasses went flying. Thank goodness it's still in one piece.

Out of 4 match, my team won 1 match...

Well, at least we're ranked no. 8 out of 10...

It's all about having fun

Just have to endure this pain a bit longer than its mid-sem break~ Yippie~

But my brother will be home...

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