Feb 10, 2007

Minority Report


I'm currently in my second year in college; that means I have to pick a major or specialization. I only have 2 choice; either go for Software Engineering which most IT students are taking and I have some knowledge on it, or Multimedia and VR, which only a handfuls will take and I have no idea how to use Adobe Photoshop or Flash.

Big bro is majoring in SE, so that leaves me to take Multimedia.

I wonder if I have make a mistake...

But there is some advantages; Being the minority means that we won't have to compete with each other to get jobs XD

But then, there's not much demand for us, and other university like Lim Kok Wing specialize in these kind of stuff...

My future is becoming darker...

But wait wait, focusing on the bad things won't get me anywhere. Must put more efforts to learn how to use all those stuff, or I'll have to repeat another semester >_<

Ganbatte me!

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