Feb 11, 2007

Are Words Not Crime?

Have you ever thought of the consequences?

I remembered reading a short manga; a man killed another man to protect his wife and son. He's now in prison, leaving the mother and son to fend for themselves. Some brat at school found out about the child's history, spread the rumor in school and it resulted in the mother getting fired from her job. The son, angered, tried to stab that brat, only to be stop by a girl whom had tried to befriend him earlier.

In the end, the mother scolded her son, saying that words are not crime, but violence is.

Maybe words are not crime, but they have the power to inflict tremendous pain right into your heart. Anyone can tell lies; lies that can stain your pride and cause your downfall. Lies that can tore family and friends apart. Lies that can embarrass and destroy one's dignity.

Lies; untrue yet believable.

So please, when you're angry, jealous, or down, please, find a proper way to vent your frustration. Think carefully. Words and lies are like flower petals or leaf; when you spread around the place, the wind blows it away, making it impossible for you to collect it all back. It is not possible to reverse the effects that you have done.

Think of the person that is at the receiving end of your selfish actions.

Your words alone may drive the person towards suicide.

So please, even though words are not crime, it can destroy people life.

And I have seen it with my own eyes.

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