Feb 6, 2007

I'm Feeling Hot


And I'm sweating non-stop.

The weather has been pretty extreme this few days. My skin is getting darker and darker, and I have to be careful to make sure my sweat doesn’t smell so much...

It’s the third week since the new semester started. As usual, arranging the timetable has always been a problem, what with classes clashing and taking subject you're not suppose to take now. I understand that it's hard to make a perfect timetable for a single student that some minor subject will clash with elective subject...

But how come my core subjects clashes with each other?

Ah, the daily life of a student. There's so much to do yet so little time. There’s book that needs to be flip open, reports to be made, information needs to be research and activities to attend.

But then, none of them matters since I go straight to bed once I'm in my room.

Then again, can’t stay in my room too long since the sun invades my privacy non-stop. Staying in the library or lab is a better choice, only, it’s pretty far and sometimes the internet speed is darn slow, unlike last year.

My glasses thickness has increase yet again because of the computer...

Yes, this year the internet is kind of unreliable, and it's not because of the earthquake. The university has started to implement wireless internet access. Yea~ Freedom to surf! Broadband lifestyle~ Anytime, anywhere!

Unfortunately, I can't connect to it...


Well, since I'm staying at the last hostel block and my room is located on the 1st floor, the signal is pretty week... Or maybe they haven't implemented it at my hostel yet...

Darn, now I feel like crying...


serena said...

hahaha XD

I can totally relate to the so much to do in so little time.

There's so much of sleep which needs to be replaced D:

Sleep is serious business to me, 'kay? XD

And wireless yes. My college just got it fixed too >.> Tapi, BS takde laptop. haha XD

Don't cry alone, *glomps*

We can cry together~! XD
Beats crying by ourself.

Btw, our new forum is at http://z6.invisionfree.com/Linking_Our_Lives/index.php

Needs registeration. And I'll validate your account after that. XD

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