Jan 3, 2007

Missing the Train


Oh wow, I slept through Eid ul-Adha and New Year o_O

And it's all because Elite Beat Agents(EBA) dancing all over the place helping people!

Ahh, since it's already too late, I'll skip the 'Happy *insettheoccasionhere*' thingy.

Because it's tradition, at the end of every year, relatives starts giving out wedding invitation. Oh gawd, so many. Go here, go there, shake hands, eat some food, go to another wedding reception etc.

Have mercy on me.

Well, kids are now going back to school(laughs at little brother) and I need to sort myself out. New Year resolution? I probably forget about it when February comes.

Okay, I'll give my first 2007 resolution a chance.

My 2007 resolution;

1. Beat EBA at(least) Sweatin Mode

2. Finish other games

3. Exercise every morning

Alright, back to playing EBA!

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