Jan 24, 2007

Jan '07

I'm sure you know just how often I update my blog...

My brother is enjoying his short trip in Yokohama, Japan. He wanted to buy some NDSL accessory, but it was a bit expensive. I settled for some sweets or books. Really, I don't have any idea what gifts I want.

Besides, I want to go to Japan too!


Ah, I'm finally back to university. This semester I need to choose my major. What should I specialize in; Software Engineering or Multimedia? Personally both of them seems interesting, but taking both is out of the questions. So I end up with Multimedia.

Besides, my brother is majoring in Software Engineering.

Maybe I should try the other one.

I'm gonna to my practical training next semester, but I have no idea what I should do to prepare myself. I need someone to teach me how to use those softwares, like Adobe Director and Photoshop.

*sigh* I dislike studying, but what to do...

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kHaL said...

Hi Nad!~ nice to read ur blog. Very straightforward.No need to change ur writing style okay? Simple and steady writing pace is good. Update more often la, ok?


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