Jan 29, 2007

I Don't Like You

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Hate will always linger in the darkness of your heart...

My mom called, asking me how to connect the broadband modem to the family computer. Apparently my brother was hogging the broadband modem to download his torrent that no one else was allowed to even touch his pc, for fear his download speed will become slow. So mom had to resort in taking the modem by force, and I had to give her an "on-mobile-phone' tutorial in connecting to the internet.

Mom just wanted to check her email.

And beside, brother, the estimate time your download will finish is 99:99:99 unknown units.

This is one of the reasons why I don't get along with him; he controls too much, even more than a "Queen". Don't get me wrong, when he's nice, he's very nice. Unfortunately I wish he wasn't so power hungry that even my mom can't use the internet.

He's not the only people that I dislike. There's a lot more, for various reasons, like rude, ungrateful or just plain evil. But at times, I find myself force to get along with such people. God knows this is just of the greatest changeless that I have to face.

But at times, after working with and knowing them better, I find myself disliking them less.

Of course, my brother is the exception.

Sometimes I wonder why these people do such things, to me and others. If only I can read their mind, then maybe I'll be able to cope with them better.

And then there's the backlash of stumbling into something you shouldn't.

Maybe if my family had a bit more money to spend, then dad can buy a router. Or register a new streamyx account. Case close.

It's all about the money, isn't it?

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