Jan 29, 2007

I Don't Like You

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Hate will always linger in the darkness of your heart...

My mom called, asking me how to connect the broadband modem to the family computer. Apparently my brother was hogging the broadband modem to download his torrent that no one else was allowed to even touch his pc, for fear his download speed will become slow. So mom had to resort in taking the modem by force, and I had to give her an "on-mobile-phone' tutorial in connecting to the internet.

Mom just wanted to check her email.

And beside, brother, the estimate time your download will finish is 99:99:99 unknown units.

This is one of the reasons why I don't get along with him; he controls too much, even more than a "Queen". Don't get me wrong, when he's nice, he's very nice. Unfortunately I wish he wasn't so power hungry that even my mom can't use the internet.

He's not the only people that I dislike. There's a lot more, for various reasons, like rude, ungrateful or just plain evil. But at times, I find myself force to get along with such people. God knows this is just of the greatest changeless that I have to face.

But at times, after working with and knowing them better, I find myself disliking them less.

Of course, my brother is the exception.

Sometimes I wonder why these people do such things, to me and others. If only I can read their mind, then maybe I'll be able to cope with them better.

And then there's the backlash of stumbling into something you shouldn't.

Maybe if my family had a bit more money to spend, then dad can buy a router. Or register a new streamyx account. Case close.

It's all about the money, isn't it?

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Jan 24, 2007

Jan '07

I'm sure you know just how often I update my blog...

My brother is enjoying his short trip in Yokohama, Japan. He wanted to buy some NDSL accessory, but it was a bit expensive. I settled for some sweets or books. Really, I don't have any idea what gifts I want.

Besides, I want to go to Japan too!


Ah, I'm finally back to university. This semester I need to choose my major. What should I specialize in; Software Engineering or Multimedia? Personally both of them seems interesting, but taking both is out of the questions. So I end up with Multimedia.

Besides, my brother is majoring in Software Engineering.

Maybe I should try the other one.

I'm gonna to my practical training next semester, but I have no idea what I should do to prepare myself. I need someone to teach me how to use those softwares, like Adobe Director and Photoshop.

*sigh* I dislike studying, but what to do...

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Jan 7, 2007

Where was I?

Confusing sign. Image from stock.xchng

I didn't do it on purpose.

From time to time I find myself not remembering what I was doing. I might also loose a few items or gain something else on the way. I remembered misplacing my cup of water, or suddenly realizing my RM10 note in my hand, and not in my wallet where its suppose to be.

When I was small, I was very naive and believe in anything, like if you eat small prawns they'll swim in your belly and such.

Curses for having brothers who likes to screw your head!

Television was my only entertainment back then. My subconscious probably develop around that time. I tried to do what I saw on tv, like stealing from groceries or flying(really just jumping) from the sofa(and landing with a THUD!).

When my parents ask me about my reckless behavior, all I could say was "I don't know" instead of "I saw it on tv".

There was always something inside me urging me to do something.

As I grow older, my mind starts to wander off on its own. I started having repeated imaginary scenes in my head and couldn't remember what I was doing. I spend more time on my own, so I could dive deeper into my dream.

It was my only solace.

Like today for example; Mom decided to make rendang and lemang even though Eid ul-Adha has already pass, and she gave me some work to do. I took some time off to go to the kitchen to drink some water.

And ended at the living room few minutes after. Needless to say, the sausages I left on the fire was now beautifully black.

My bbq sausages!!! Nuuuuuuuuuu.....

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Jan 3, 2007

Missing the Train


Oh wow, I slept through Eid ul-Adha and New Year o_O

And it's all because Elite Beat Agents(EBA) dancing all over the place helping people!

Ahh, since it's already too late, I'll skip the 'Happy *insettheoccasionhere*' thingy.

Because it's tradition, at the end of every year, relatives starts giving out wedding invitation. Oh gawd, so many. Go here, go there, shake hands, eat some food, go to another wedding reception etc.

Have mercy on me.

Well, kids are now going back to school(laughs at little brother) and I need to sort myself out. New Year resolution? I probably forget about it when February comes.

Okay, I'll give my first 2007 resolution a chance.

My 2007 resolution;

1. Beat EBA at(least) Sweatin Mode

2. Finish other games

3. Exercise every morning

Alright, back to playing EBA!

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