Dec 31, 2007


Lookie lookie, its almost New Year~

Unfortunately, being me means that its impossible to remember any significant things happening in 2007. Theres the good ones, the not so good ones, and the just-plain-distressing-and-cruel-you-will-think-the-whole-world-is-unfair ones.

What is it? Can't tell you~

Oh well, lets wrap this thing up, shall we?

Happy New Year to my family, friends, and everyone too. May your new beginning be blessed with joy and wealth. Cheers~


p.s., I can't remember what my 2007 resolution was, but no doubt it didn't get full filed.

2008 resolution; Remember my 2007 resolution and work on it!

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Dec 29, 2007


I confess; I killed it...

Silver (my psp's name), died recently. I killed it. My own psp. My own hard earned bundle of cash.

Silver, my psp
Silver, say it isn't so!

I wanted to update my psp's firmware, and it was successful. So tried to upgrade it to the next release, forgetting to do one crucial change. I wanted to rectify it, but there was no going back. The next thing I know, Silver refuse to move. The screen showing endless darkness. No matter what I do, it refuse to turn on.

My first time bricking my psp...

Thank goodness there is still hope in the world. With quick thinking I called a Wizard Extraordinare to come and resurrect it. With a few change of this and that and voila! Silver has been revived!

The wizard was simply amazing. He fixed my psp and help me upgrade it to the latest version, something I was trying to do. The only thing he can't do is coming on time and stopping the rain. It started to rain when he was doing his magic.

So all's well in the Kingdom of Home. I can now go back and continue playing games~


Oh wait, I only left a few weeks of internship and haven't finish writing my report AND my presentation.

My turn to die. I wonder if I can come back from the graveyard after this...

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Dec 21, 2007

A Bit Different

Yesterday was Aidil-Adha. The day before that I forgot that the next day is going the festival day and so was allowed to go back after lunch that day.

A cattle sitting on the grass. Pic from stock.xchng

A worker forgot her copied fax and came, reason how I was finally inform about it, like 2 hours before lunch.

Unlike previous year, where the family usually go back to celebrate with a feast, this year we all just stay at home, doing prayers and sembelih at the local mosque. Then we go back home for some rendang, kuah kacang (peanut sauce) and lontong cooking.

I was also busy chasing cats cause they were just adorably cute!

After much work and sweating (not really, the constant rain season makes the day cool), we all sit together and eat todays hard work. And then we all retire to do our own things when we're too free. Guess its a bit different than previous year; it's much low profile, nothing special.


Owh, I forgot to tell you guys that most of the food have been finished, so I can't spare some and give it to you guys. Sorry~


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Dec 18, 2007

Wheres The Seatbelt?

Silly cat went and change the template. Lousy cat forgot to backup. Results is that everything gotta start back from scratch!

Let see, despite losing most of the codes for my sidebar, I didn't manage to take the required images before bandwidth exceed happens.


Will come back later after I finish some work~

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Only for a While

Got myself to watch the Final Fantasy XIII extended trailer. Cool trailer, me likes.

Been spending less time playing games, not only from lack of time, but also from lack of interest.

Monster Hunter Freedom 2
I like Watermelon

I think the fact that I have little patience with slowness doesn't help. Some of the RPG I was playing on the PSP is so slow, waiting for the enemy to attack takes time. Breath of Fire III moves much faster, which makes the meet-monsters-after-few-steps a bit tolerable. And darn, BoFIII monster just keep coming, I got lost forgetting what I'm supposed to do next.

Dragoneer's Aria... I don't know. The game just seem slow to me, the battle and system I mean. I think I'll have to play it a bit longer first before giving it to my brother.

Yes, I have little patience to slowness and little tolerance to failure. After losing so many times, I need to close the game, quarantine it for a few days then try again. If my will was broken so badly I'll forget to play the game altogether.

Of course, sometime I do go back and play the game again.

My brother gave me back my DS. Hurrray~ But he forgot to give me the charger and the thing have no juice! All 3 of my siblings are hooked with Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright, to the point that they though Appolo Justice is already released. Oh fanboys...

I'm losing my motivation to play games, or even to live. Life seems so boring and heavy. Maybe it's because I keep eating bread for lunch. They say eating bread for lunch makes you fat.


To be able to play games, is a luxury. I think.

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Dec 10, 2007

Pata pata pata... Pon?

Patapon. Image not mine

Saw this cute Patapon trailer at PSP Fanboys. The game is so cute! From what I know, you lead some Patapon army by using a combination of beats/sound/WTH and fight against your enemy.

Hope to see this game released soon! X3X3

Uuuiiiiiyappopoink! ... or whatever they were shouting, I can't understand their war shout...

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Dec 5, 2007

Theres a Face on Your Book?!

Reading your profile, stealing your identity...

LOLCat stealing a page. Pic not mine
Putting ma face onto ur book

So more of my friends are using Facebook. I'm sure lots of people have heard of the hype, so I won't bother explaining it to anyone. Besides, Google and Wikipedia wants you to visit them. Basically, me and my friends are checking out each other updates on Facebook more often. It makes keeping tabs on the naughty ones much easier.

The thing I like the most about Facebook are the applications that they allow you to add onto your profile. By now some of you knows that I'm addicted to add-ons, like Firefox extension, Foobar components and skins, desktop enhancement (links to Neowin) and etc, so its no wonder that my Facebook feels bloated now.

Favorite app? Anything that lets you be a meanie to your friends, poking and annoying them non-stop. Also I like linking my other web-presence account, like Blogger and Last.FM, no matter how futile my attempt to take over the world is.

Of course, its not all fine-and-dandy in Facebook, or we will have world peace by now. I used my fake name and a fake avatar in Facebook, wanting to socialize with people while protecting my identity a bit. Now nobody wants to be my friend. Boo-hoo. Of course (hey thats 2 already!), being a webapp, bugs are bound to fly around making babies, daring you to squash them. Some of them don't play nice with my browser. I mean, a fox losing to a bug?

My brother is using MySpace. First problem; he lies about his age. I am not going to help him if he gets in trouble with a homo or hetero dude. Oh heck, I'm not sure if thats worse than a peadophile. Why in the world did he even put his age and picture there? Don't you know that in many con case on internet transaction, some people were caught because they share just too much on their web profile?

Eh wait, thats actually the good thing.
Bad guys casully sharing their phone number and picture on the web. That was how some dude got busted for lying he was sick (a picture of him partying the same day was posted on Facebook). Now if only the authorities put more effort in figthing cyber-crime. No, it doesn't have to be bittorent. Kekek.

Anyway, it means that some users telling too many of their personal information on the web, like phone numbers. Also some social web doesn't help too, like making public the default value. Some users don't even know they can set their profile private, and their message board/wall/whatever gets spamed. Worse, some people might have stolen some important texts right under the user's nose, unlike someone pulling your hair nose, which you'll notice.

Now that many people wanna sociallize, networking with people on the web. From there rise some concerns about privacy. I'm trying to tame the news feed a bit; I want some activity to annoy my friend and hid others from prying eyes. Also, those apps keep wanting to send email out when I poke them or something, not only giving me more than 20 emails in 1 hour, it also smoke my spam alarm.

If some of you were interested with news petaining about Facebook, you'll know about their Beacon system. I like bacon better. Basically, I just don't want advertisers to collect my data and transmit it to I don't know where, not even my own news feed. I'm not looking for potential lovers or enemies you know. If I want to share anything with the world, I'll do it here, on my blog, or on Facebook using some other apps. Oh heck, I'll drag some people with me for world conquest.

No, I don't need to let my mother know that I bought another new video game to play.

From my lazy observation over the web, it seems that the problem Facebook faces is that they don't really take user's considerations serious enough. From the possiblity of data-mining, Platfrom Developers not being screened, to Beacaon sparking controversy, there is just no rest, yet theres is no denying that many people are migrating to Facebook.

Personally, I like Facebook. I didn't like MySpace early on because my friends (and my own) profile loads up really slow. I never used Friendster, and being an introvert, I'm just following what my friend are using and still keep in touch with them.

Also because Facebook "poke" feature is just so fun.

This post was brought to you by combining double cheeseburger, mushroom chicken chop and cappuccino Mexico bun. Yummy~

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Dec 2, 2007

Easy Come, Easy Go (Tech Edition)

Christmas is nearing; got your wish list written yet?

Any Malaysian went to the Pikom PC Fair? What did you bought? Must be nice to be able to afford those toys...


Till now, I am still stuck with my old P4 rig. The heatsink fan is making loud sound whenever the CPU kicks in, which is like, all the time. Argh, can't stand the noise. But for some reason I am still unable to collect enough money to buy it. Download a price list, and I need roughly RM3k or more, and thats for the computer case and inner hardware; no monitor or input/output devices.

Intel Core 2 Duo and Extreme
I still can't have you... Yet...

Well, there also a problem or technology advancing too fast. I was aiming for Intel E6750,when I found out that Intel's gonna roll out the new Penryn E8200; its almost the same with E6750, only with more cache size. The price is still the same though.

So its another wait-and-see approach, not that I have enough money to buy it anyway. I'm making and updating my wish list from time to time, hoping that my dream of getting a new PC are not farfetched.

I think I said the same thing last time. Can't remember.

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Nov 27, 2007

Missing Opportunity

In an office...
Me: Boss, sir! I know this is last minute, but I'm going on leave today.
1 hour and several minutes later...
Boss: Ok.
Current location; Mid Valley Megamall.

Took a leave on Monday so that I could join my friend watch Startdust (or Habuk Bintang, quote from my friend Buaya). It was a nice movie, with random stuff thrown in. I haven't watch a movie for a while, so it was nice going out with friends.

Of course, taking leave means potong gaji (salary cut)!!!

Then we had sushi. I think the rice didn't agree with me, but at least it didn't force me to rush for the nearest toilet.

Speaking of toilet, we also went and visited The Gardens while we're there. Buaya says you have pay RM5 or pay more to use the VIP toilet. Had my stomach breakdown, I would have take the opportunity to try the VIP class.

But that was not the only missed opportunity. We only went there and walk around, windows shopping, not even buying any snacks. The place makes you feel like a fool for not bringing your credit card along, not like I have one anyway. Borders Bookstore haven't open yet, or me and my friend would have assaulted it. Many shops are still closed, and the pedestrian bridge aren't open yet.

Back to missed opportunity, I flipped through Monday's newspaper and found articles describing some of the food outlet at the Gardens. ZOMG, I was there yesterday and didn't pay any attention to the food outlet! 1 of the interesting cafe is 'Cova', a good place to chew some light snack. Some of the snacks that we missed are delicous crab cake, seared beef salad, sandwiches, burgers, and the drinks! Like white chocolate latte and hot white chocolate!

Cova at The Gardens. Pic from NST

Its white chocolate, dammit! I remembered eating white chocolate ice-cream and that was the best! Demmit I want some!!!

*Ahem* Lastly, they also have cakes, like the hazelnut praline cake, the cake version of Ferrero Rocher.

So not only did I missed eating donuts, I totallly missed this nice cafe right under my nose. I think I'll barricade myself in my room, reading a new book I just bought; The Questors by Joan Lennon.

If you have to fall, bring someone, or something, with you.

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Nov 23, 2007

Woe is Meow~

I'm in despair!!!

My bid in world domination is failing! Oh gawd I fail in as a leader!

Me and my friends seems to have short attention span. We were instant messaging, discussing on where and what we want to do for our outing. Me being a terrible leader and 'kaki-ikut-saje' can't seem to decide what to do. Since trying to get donuts seems impossible (the queue is way too long), it was decided that we should go watch movies instead. Problem is that it was already fully booked.

Tickets fully booked

Though I manage to book it another day, I don't think many are willing to come, and its on the afternoon some more. Some of them don't mind if we go just lepak-lepak, but pity them-lar, will feel bored and lost...

Argh, problem is that I'm slow. If only I though of booking movie faster. Now the only thing left is just go there to eat and window shopping *cries*

On another side note, without proper guidance, it seems me and my friend has become lost farm animals. We keep getting sidetracked, from talking about donuts to some Korean artist I have no idea about to movies etcetera. It's been a while since a bunch of us are online messaging each other. I miss those days.

Heres a short story; one night me and my friend were busy chatting. MSN has a feature were we can sketch/draw in the IM window and send it like normal chat. So using that we were writing stories, staring me as a pirated seller o_O Keeping it short, I got road killed and returned from the dead as a spirit. The robber then took out a ghost-expelling charm, chanting "Spirit Begone!".

The next thing I know I get disconnected from MSN totally.

So if you ever need to exorcise ghost or spirit, I can recommend you my friend.

Reiki, the Vengeful Spirit, has edited the title...

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Nov 22, 2007

I'm Hit!

Man down! Man down!

This week fever has manage to get to me. Because of that, I couldn't savor ice-cream and A&W properly. I have half-of-mind to assault people because 2 pint of root beer has been finished in just 2 days, with me only manage to drink 1 cup from it.

Took leave for 2 days due to sickness. Spending time sleeping has made my hair the more harder; its all spiky and rough again.

Also, despite the sickness, I'm trying to recruit slaves (read: friends) and drag the whole lot to an outing on weekends. I want to hunt donuts!!! But I couldn't reach them online (only have access to the modem on weekends) and my phone is out of credit...

Speaking of online, I manage to caught a friend of mine disguising herself offline. Argh, and I though I will never see her again... Anyway, looks like her exam haven't finish yet, but that didn't stop me from bugging her (I ask permission first and she says it was okay, she wasn't focus on studying either). I wanted to start a mass instant messagging bump, but that didn't work cause I was too sleepy.

Lack of internet because my bro hogs it on weekdays. But then, the modem is stuck wiith him even if he is not at home. Sheepy suggest that I get a router, for better sharing, which is something that should have been implemented at home for a long time, but failed due to lack of budget and ignorance. I'll be heading back to college in January, so having a router might not be so feasible. Also, I wonder what will happen if both of download torrent at the same time; won't we both suffer?

BS: You both seems to hog the poor thing.
Argh, don't lump me with my brother

Remember sheepy, I hold your blackmail picture. Kuuukukuku...

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Nov 9, 2007

Plain Soup

My favorite ice-cream flavor is vanilla. Go figures.


As usual, we were polluting the environment, boiling soup using wooden fire. Really, after my mom receive the divine revelation, fire is our new hero. She prefers wood more than charcoal though.

So a plate of plain rice, a cup (or mug?) of plain water, and a bowl of plain sup tulang rawan. Yummy~

Of course, notice theres no visible vegetable or fruits? Either they're long gone before this picture taken, or I'm getting fatter...

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Nov 6, 2007


Variety is tasty.

Nothing much to say. A friend of mine staying somewhere on planet earth, deprive of internet connection in her dorm suddenly called me.

Me: Hello?
She: Meow...
Me: Meow~
She: Meow...

Yes, thats how we greet each other, despite the fact she has 'Tori' (bird) as a nickname. I like to think it means chicken. So I have a sheep and a chicken as friends. Wheres the beef?

Apparently she doesn't have exams for a few days, and decide to call me. Me, being the bored person with no life, decide to entertain her in the most silliest way I can think off.

Meaning when I talk, I don't think first. All sort of random things were spewed out of my mouth, like repeating my torrent list, staging a strike against college, committing suicide by killing or burning yourself, and shouting "I'm in despair!!!" or "The internet has failed me!!" every once in a while.

Oh, her mobile was on loudspeaker-mode to boot. Great.

So she called me just to bully me. But thats okay, thats what friends do anyway. So yeah, Tori-chan, I'm dedicating this post to you. Jangan mareh ye~

I'm in despair!!

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Oct 27, 2007

Burn Baby Burn!

This means war!

Making Lemang

Get your weapons ready! Load up your guns, rocket launchers and cannons with ammunition! Its going to be a long day ahead! Don't give in to the heat, because today, we'll dine in hell!!!

This is sparta~~!!!

Oh yeah, I've been busy visiting relatives this Aidilfitri week, what with stuffing my mouth with cookies, rendang, lemang and lots of other food as much as I can. My mom has receive divine knowledge to make 15 lemang at the back of the house. Yours truly was roped in to help see through the smoky adventure.

The bamboo needs to be burned in an open area. With my mom's latest creation, the small cement hut behind the house, our family has become notorious for spreading mouth-watering inducing smokes(when my mom cooks-la). I wonder if the neighbors will complain about it. Oh wait, did they notice it?

I'm grateful that (married)big bro came a bit to help me, albeit just a while. Then left me to take refuge from the rain under the pondok terbakar. Dad also appeared, for awhile. The he went to sleep. Yes, I have nickname the small cement hut we used to do open burning and pollution as 'pondok terbakar'.

Mommy, help me~

Other than lemang, there was also rendang, but that was easier, since all I need is stir the meat so it won't get burned, whereas the lemang requires me to roll them with my hands to make sure they don't turn black, then knocking the bamboo to compact the rice inside the bamboo. Not to mention trying to control the fire was pretty damn hard; I actually smelled burned!

+50pts in cooking!

More pictures at Flickr

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Oct 13, 2007

Final Wish

I... Am... Tired...

Was so busy making lemang yesterday. SO didn't have time to wish properly. Just got back from Raya prayer.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Maaf Zahir dan Batin~

p/s: I want my duit raya~!

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Oct 10, 2007

Virtual Window

Tagged! You're it!!

Sam just tagged me for being an on/off reader of his blog. Well, can't help it when I can't read your blog; I'm either busy doing my work(read: being spied) or wasting time playing games XP

desktop screenshot
I DO NOT display my own name on my desktop.

So thats how my current desktop looks like. Simple and clean(maybe a lil dirty-lah). I'm using an old visual style, haven't found a new one that I like. A simple blue wallpaper, I seldom use wallpapers with people or character on it, mainly because it's harder to arrange the stuff on my desktop.


Say hello to Gundam Exia. I'm using foobar2000 as my music player, maily because it can handle my music library with no problem. Winamp and Windows Media Player 10 slows down when they read my hard drive. The configuration file you see is not mine; got it from deviantART. Very nice when you have album art. I didn't fix the current song's cover art, so you can see part of the back cover on top.


I just loves using RocketDock. Yeah, theres still some icons on my desktop; My brother installed 3DMark on the desktop, haven't remove it till now. Also to remove the recycle bin, some tweaking is needed, which I'm too lazy to do. Icons on the docks, from left to right;
  • Programs shortcut, it link to most of my application that I used. I keep my dock minimized by using menuApp; it links to a folder that stores all the shortcut that I'm using
  • Firefox, my favorite web browser. I've put too many add-ons that its now bloated. :burp:
  • uTorrent, a bittorrent client, for p2p stuff. No installation needed. Just what I needed
  • foobar2000, my main music player and library. You can get the config I'm using from here.
  • Media player Classic. I'm using K-Lite coded pack, and the player comes with it. Use it more than Windows Media Player
  • My Computer. You know what this is.
  • Anime folder. Shortcut to all my animes. Problem is my bro will glue himself to my pc looking at every single anime that I have. Darn
  • Recycle bin, even though I have one stuck on the upper left corner
  • A clock, cause I don't have anything better to do

Other apps you see is Rainlender. Unfortunately because I have a small monitor, the calendar always gets blocked by other apps. Also I haven't use Samurize for a while now. Problem is that it kinda didn't fit into my desktop.

I want a bigger monitor.

Well there you have it. I dislike to dump many icons on my desktop. I usually dump my downloaded files straight in their respective folder, although sometimes they do get lost and I can't remember where I put it.

Aisey, who am I suppose to tag? Oh darn it;
  1. Sheepy (yes I know I keep tormenting you, and I'll keep doing it X3)
  2. Rock (cause you just started blogging, so here something to post about)
  3. Seila (cause you like pictures! X3)
Phew, finally finish...

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Sep 27, 2007


I love playing games. No secret there.

I love playing role-paying games (RPGs) the most, though I do play strategy, platformer, action and adventure games once in a while. It all started when my parents though it would be better if their children stay at home instead of going to the park to play, forgetting to come back home before dinner.

I think my mom is regretting it now.

I remember the first game console we had was a Micro Genius.(or was it a Sega Genesis? Can't remember) The first game we played, I can't remember, but I think it was something similar to Macross/Robotech; an airplane that can turn into a robot. There were other games too, but I could hardly remember them. I remember playing Donkey Kong though.

Oh gawd, I could never win those games ever since I was a kid.

When the family moved, we went to a new shopping complex. Thats when we bought our next console game, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). Reason why we became crazy about Street Figther and Mario. Next came the IBM computer (forgot which series), then the Playstation, and lastly the successor the Playstation 2 (PS2).

SNES game console
The SNES is staying in the house, though unusable...

Now that I'm going for industrial training, I find less time to play. Usually I spend 3 hours straight or more playing games, forgetting to eat meals or doing chores. My mood can easily change when someone bothers me while I'm engrossed playing my games. Meeting new characters, fighting enemies, solving puzzle and advancing the story. It's an opportunity to go into another world or reality.

One thing missing, I only been able to play games with my brothers. Now that we grow older and have other commitment (not to mention, keeping the PS2 in his room with my memory card), I've been missing the action. Currently playing Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (MHF2) on the PSP, going on a solo hunt isn't as exciting as going with a group of hunters. I don't use wireless at home, so no way to connect to the world wide web.

And Sam wanted to get the Xbox360 first. Boo-hoo, no hunting partner, lol.

For me, gaming is fun. Gaming can also give you knowledge and train your basic motor skills. In fact, lately I find myself blaming my lack of gaming for my failure do to things that I was capable doing when I was smaller, like finding my way around town.

Before, when playing RPGs, I seldom use the map. Now, I keep going through the wrong exit.

Playing MMORPGs help me communicate more comfortably with other people. I'm not sure why but I'm usually reserve around people and could hardly speak to someone I hardly knows. Now that my computer is lacking processor power to run World of Warcraft (WoW), Granado Espada or even Ragnarok Online (RO), I don't indulge in MMO anymore.

Gaming is still a part of me. Heck, I grew up playing games. I won't give up just yet. I'm going to do my best to support my interest, and try to rope in some friends to tag along with me. Playing games together with families and friends are of course fun.

Monster Hunter Freedom 2
Yeah! to Gaming!

So what should I aim next? A dual core computer? A Nintendo Wii? Xbox 360? PS3?

I'll let my wallet decide. Later. For now, I need to remember to stop by a shop and buy some game magazines.

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Sep 21, 2007


When procrastination strikes...

Owh gawd, I'm terrible at focussing. For some reason I can only give my attention to one thing and no other. I won't notice people calling me or whats happening around.

Look at the pretty lights
Look at the pretty lights...

Also its been a very slow days these few days. Maybe I should start doing some game reviews, now that I finally learned how to take screen shot of my psp game ^^

Slow as snail~

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Sep 13, 2007

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

The beginning of the end...

Only dust is left

The war has ended. All that is left is to wait for the fire to die out, the smoke to clear, and then we can start the cleansing process...

The scorching flame boils

Yet the scorching flames continues... It burns... It burns the heretics... The unbelievers... Boiling them deeps in the abyss...

Torment is delicious

How delicious is pleasure after torment!


So uh... Did this post make any sense? Basically my mom force her daugthers (include in-law) to help her cooking some sup tulang and rendang before Ramadhan arrives. Mom says she won't have time to do it during fasting month, so better do it now.

So we were busy polluting the environment by doing some open-burning activities using some wood that still got nails stuck on it that was dumped in front of the house.

But who cares, so long my stomach is happy. Selamat berpuasa semua! Happy fasting season everyone!

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Sep 11, 2007

The Truth Hurts

A snippet from Lifehacker;

"Have you ever known people who have to turn on a TV or a radio the
moment they enter a room, or can't stand to do work without some sound
on? These are people who are desperately afraid of confronting some
truth about themselves, so they try to drown it out with constant
You know, I have the habit of listening to my mp3 player and stuffing my ears with the earphones, either when I commmute around college or using a computer(thats not in my house).

So I'm afraid of myself.

The only thing I cared about is myself.

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Aug 31, 2007

Cold Beauty

These are beautiful white rose for my happily just-got-married brother and sister-in-law.

Beautiful white rose

And yeah, wee keep it in the fridge XP

In the fridge

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Aug 28, 2007

My New Love

I have found my new love.

I am so oblivious to current news and anything happening around me. I know Borders Bookstores existed in Malaysia, but I did not know where they were located, nor did I have any interest visiting that store.

All that change when a friend of mine recommended me to go there instead. I did not know how big the store was, how much manga they have there and the fact that you can sit there and browse through the opened book.

Oh darn I'm loving this place.

I'm also starting to hate my self ignorance.

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Aug 17, 2007

Kelantan Here I Come

Going to Kelantan tomorrow; its about big bro's wedding o_O! We're going to visit the bride's house 1st.

I haven't fly on an airplane for so many years, what should I pack? Think they'll confisticate my Nintendo DS or PSP?

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Aug 1, 2007

The Devil I Knew

The devil can be so cute.

Click for full view
Click for full view

So this happen months ago, while I was still staying in the hostel. Argh, I miss the cute little devil...

p.s. Obvious typo. No spelling correction in MS Paint...

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Jul 25, 2007


I was asked to search for some data from the local newspaper and insert it into a database. While flipping the paper, I came across an article about Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Oh darn that looks delicious.

So opened up the web browser ans start Googling. My adventure took me to various site, such as Food Network, WokkingMom and Itadakimasu, though I lost my focus from chicken rice to salmon tempura to bento to... Ah well, forgot already.

Though I do remember stumbling to Mingle2. I took a quiz there and here is the result;

Online Dating

Kids, stay away from here.

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Jul 19, 2007

Taken Away

I lost something very important.

Reality is harsh; you would not know how much trivial things are actually important to you until you lose. Take it from me; I always takes things for granted, and realize my stupidity afterward.

So please, cherish every little thing and everything you have. You would never know how long it will last.

And please, give me back my close button...(click for spoiler)

Okaaaay... Updated my Scribefire to version 1.4.1; where did my close button go to? Others have already commented on the lack of close button. Will be waiting patiently for the next update. Huhu.

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Too Early?

Most of you probably know it by now; A new Sony PSP is coming out soon. I just bought my PSP last month some more.

New Sony PSPLite, pic from Engadget

The new PSP(unofficially called 'PSPLite' by some fans) is slimmer, ligther, and include a video output. Also the new model is equipped with features to temporarily store game data from UMD, reducing load time during game play. Though the list is small, some of the features does seems useful, and makes people says, "We want it". But for me, the problem is...
  1. I already have a PSP thats less than a year old
  2. Saving money to buy the next-gen console
  3. PSP UMD games are expensive (in Malaysia)
  4. PSP game library is smaller than the Nindento DS
  5. PSP modder extraordinare Dark Alex calls it quits
So all in all, those who haven't got a PSP, you might want to try out the new kid when it comes out.

For me, I'll be waiting to get my paycheck in hopes to buy a Nintendo Wii and a XBox360 Guitar Hero II with Guitar(Big bro wants to buy the console). That will probably will take a long time to come true. Till then; Sings DJ Max Portable 2 OP song; Your Own Miracle. YouTube Link

p.s. I still digg the silver color no matter what.

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Me, Myself and I

I hate... Myself. The most.

Not a day past without bad luck finding new ways to torment me. No matter what I do, things bound to go wrong. Whether my intentions were good or plain evil, I will always be un/justly punished, for whatever reason.

Oh no

Some people don't follow rules, cause its troublesome. I find that to be true. I gave my cellphone to the examiner during exam and had to wait for more than 30 minutes to take it back because they misplace it. The rule is that cellphone are forbidden inside the examination hall. Now I opt to keep my cellphone inside my pocket, silent mode.

Things usually don't go as you plan, especially when your parents think you're just going off to play around in a shopping mall. I have an important meeting to attend and my parents drag me around the state finding lost relatives.

They thought all I wanted to do was watch Transformer...

Theres also the problem of being hot headed. As a younger sister, I'm shocked that my older brother gets the 'internet' privileges more than me because he's currently studying. I'm supposed to use it only on weekends, but even then he still just take the modem away cause he wants to use it.

So as a considerate little sister, I sacrifice myself to let you use the internet to do your work while downloading 'stuff' from Megaupload and torrent at the same time.

Am I getting divine punishment from the heavens for this???

Theres also the 'You Are the Chosen One' speech from parents. Basically, "Do these-and-that because your brother won't listen to me anymore,". Mom and dad doesn't want to waste energy asking help from my brother when I'm around; they will just refer it back to me. Off I go.

The feeling that all your effort and time used was wasted. Darn just how many deja vu should I go through? I came to work early, the door is closed. I did my assignment on my own, only to find that I don't need to send it at all. Crammed for a test, turns out it was canceled. Went to Burger King, finds out can't buy burger yet. Went to take parcel from the college's office, had to go to different office to get it. And the list go on.

Of course, the worst was when my brother corrupted my Moero! Nekketsu Rizumu-damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ōendan Tsū, making my effort to beat the game on all difficullity worthless. Now have to start from the beginning again!

So now, trying to focus on DJ Max Portable 2 and my goodness, this game is damn hard! I can barely play 5 button! Tried playing level 7 and couldn't get even a B cause my hand and fingers hurt while playing it.

Taiko no Tatsujin DS Boxart
Taiko no Tatsujin DS, hurry up and come out!!!

p.s. Can't find Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology in any shops. Sam got himself a Nintendo Wii. I need my gaming fix...

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Jul 9, 2007

A Family Bond

I like seeing a happy family.

A home where I can go back to

People who loves and cherish me

A guardian to protect and guide me

Brothers and sisters to play with

Someone with a warm touch and soothing smile

Holding me in a tight embrace

As I drift deep into slumber

Hoping everything will last

But it didn't

A towering voice came

Claiming the land as theirs

Force us out of our home

Their booming voice aloud

Striking fear into our heart

Now without a home to go back

We are still a family

Still sticking together

Plotting revenge to reclaim our home

Have you ever met a cat with a vengeance?

Family of cats

My house is under renovation, so there is some holes here and there where a cat could sneak in. Apparently a family of cat decided to come in and make themselves at home. The mother cat already have 4 or 5 teenagers with her and now shes pregnant with another litter of kittens.

Father cat must be pretty lousy.

Being a family of cat, I really like seeing them around the house, just not inside the house. Cats are particularly strays that are afraid of human yet knows that were there is human, theres bound to be food.

Besides, since they are teenagers, the cats don't look as cute as their kitten counterparts.

So we've been on our guard the whole week, making sure no cats goes through our defenses. But we're talking about a cat here; creatures that can squeeze through any nook and cranny they can find. So they manage to find their way into the living room and leave their mark(read: poop) there.

Next time I see you, I'm taking my (water)gun out.

Just you wait! I shall have my revenge!

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My Game, My World

Oh yes, already been working for more than a month and have yet to receive my first paycheck

Sorry dad, can I borrow some money?


Despite not getting my 1st paycheck yet, I'm amaze how much money I have spend. I contacted 3 different online seller buying 3 different stuff from each of them.

All stuff related to my PSP and NDSLite.

I guess I'm moving towards console gaming rather than anime and manga. I spend more money buying games(not including the consoles) than manga, even though I bought 4 books from Kinokuniya the other day...

Thanks dad for lending me some money.

Spending more time playing PSP, since I got depress after losing my NDS game. Although I have to make a point; NDS game is so much more fun the PSP.

I miss my NDS...

I also miss my notebook where I wrote down all my thoughts on what to blog last month. Where the heck did it go? I can't remember what I wanted to write anymore...

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Jun 29, 2007


Oh darn, I can't login into my Yahoo!Mail account. What gives? Can't login into Yahoo Messenger either. What happened?

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Jun 22, 2007


Quote for Wikipedia;

Amnesia or amnæsia is a condition in which memory is disturbed. The causes of amnesia are organic or functional. Organic causes include damage to the brain, through trauma or disease, or use of certain (generally sedative) drugs. Functional causes are psychological factors, such as defense mechanisms. Hysterical post-traumatic amnesia is an example of this. Amnesia may also be spontaneous, in the case of transient global amnesia. This global type of amnesia is more common in middle-aged to elderly people, particularly males, and usually lasts less than 24 hours.

So have you ever get hit by amnesia? I find functional amnesia very fascinating. This type of amnesia rarely occurs in story I read, where organic causes are more rampant.

Because the truths are now always pleasant.

Not everything is made of sugar, spice and everything nice. Some are just plain foul that you're stupid for eating it in d 1st place. I hate it when that happens, because that went my believe and principle starts to fall apart.

Take it for example today; A friend reminded me that i have something very important to do.

As a practical student or trainee, I'm supposed to write a weekly report and give it to my supervisor for him to validate and sign...

But after 3 weeks I still haven't wrote a single thing. Not to mention I have no idea what I did this few days...

Lets hope my SV wouldn't mind all the crap I intend to write...

Now where did I put that darn pen...?

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Jun 19, 2007

Broken Yet Again

Broken horns, broken wing.

They took my sanity.

They invade my sanctuary.

And bind me with their spell.

Not able to fly into the dark again.

I'm slowly breaking from the inside.


God, I'm terrible with literature...

Huhu, it's been 3 weeks since I went for my practical training. Trying my best to survive life at desk. Mah, the work is hard, but heres hoping I'll get my pay soon XDXD

Because I'm terribly broke now.

I was browsing my v2 forum when I came across some traders selling DJ Max Portable for the PSP. That totally got me hooked! I wanted the game so badly, I made plans to buy myself a PSP even though I already have the Nintendo DSLite.

Well, after some hiccups, I manage to buy a silver PSP for myself(love that color). Thing is, I wasn't able to secure DJMaxPortable.


The PSP is a grand machine, but it faces the same problem as its older siblings(Playstation3); lack of (fun&enjoyable)games. What with my brother destroying my DS's game, and having to work on weekdays, I find myself losing to fate.

Still need some scrubbing

I want to play games, but I can't

Must be because my mom believes girls shouldn't play games

Give me back my free time!!!

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Jun 7, 2007


Confession; My brother is a 'Murderer'(with semi quote)

Whats left

He killed my best friend by pushing him too far.

My friend was stressful and was at his limit, yet brother still won't let him go.

Being the loyal friend(read:servant) he is, my friend keep on going, serving my brother with every ounce of his energy.

Until he drop dead. Right there.

My brother tried to revive him. Called me for solution, yet the poor soul still won't get up.

And what does my brother do after that?

He went outside to play.

God, I am so angry. My best friend, stolen from me, just like that.

And my brother... God, I just don't understand him.

How could he...?


My Kingston MicroSD card that I use together with my Nintendo DSLite just died yesterday.

Okay, so maybe the card can still be used by formatting it, BUT! That means all my game saves has gone up in smokes.

Including my Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 game save and replays...

Rest in peace...

I'm considering to commit double suicide...

p.s. Pay no attention to that SanDisk word in the picture. Will put proper picture when I get home.

May 28, 2007


This is it.

Our final moment.

The time for us to finally part.

We will never see each other again.

Yes, it's hard to say goodbye.

Never to make any new memories together.

But alas, nothing last.

So it's time to say farewell.

And wish you good luck.

I shall always love you...

My dear...



Final exam is finishing. Well actually i still have one more paper to go, but thats not important.

You see, my roomate finish paper earlier, so now shes going back home.

With the kittens.

*insert terrible disbelief sound muffled by a huge pillow*

So I won't see my favorite kitten, which I named 'Vivi' anymore. They will officially become house cat, and not room cat.

*continues to sulk at a corner*

... is that a poop I see under my table...?

*start cursing the little kittens*

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May 16, 2007


Quote from Wikipedia;

...the term nightmare refers to dreams of particular intensity, with content that the sleeper finds disturbing, related either to physiological causes, such as a high fever, or to psychological ones, such as unusual trauma or stress in the sleeper's life. The occasional body movements seen in nightmares may have a use in awakening the sleeper, thus helping to avoid the frightening dream-situation. This can sometimes be called a "mare"...

I sometime have nightmares of my own, which I don't remember most of the time. My nightmare usually occurs when I have done something terribly wrong(like forgetting to hand in my homework) or when I become indecisive(what outfit should I wear for tomorrow's kenduri??).

Since I seldom have nightmare, I don't remember twisting or turning on my bed or waking up all sweaty and bothered, unless the weather that night is extremely hot.

So imagine my surprise when 1 of the kitty cat actually peed on the bed while sleeping.

The cat has nightmare so scary he wet the bed!!!

The Bad: The kitten wet the bed + a sweater that was on the bed.

The Good: It was not my bed.

The Ugly: The kitten was actually sleeping on my bed, so I move him to another bed since I want to sleep on my own bed.

... Its not my fault right? RIGHT?!?!

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May 14, 2007

Stuck in the Middle

Stuck in the middle...

With nowhere to go...

To afraid to jump into the abyss...

While unable to reach heavens above...

I saw two shadows aproaching...

One, weilding a spear...

Stab my body mercilesly...

The other, a spiked metal cape...

Ready to engulf me in worlds of pain...

Can't jump down, can't jump up...

I'm stuck in the middle... Tonight...


Oh. My. God.

The cat is stuck at the windows sill/whateveryoucallit. She refuses to jump down or back up into the window. Darn. Me and a friend tried to push her down with a mop while another person waits below to cathc it with 'kain batik'.

Stuck at a place similar to this

We almost did it, but alas, failed.

So shes stil stuck there. In the middle...

Darn it, mama cat! Do you know this week is exam week?!?!

p.s. She is still stuck there as I'm writing this...

*Edit*: She just climb back in... What was all our effort for?!?! Should I kick her?!?!

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Apr 30, 2007

Busy Body

Wahh, been so busy these few days. Next week is study week, so this week is the last week to finish any test, assignment, project and presentation. So many things that need to be finish, so don't have much time to update...

But I do have time for micro-blogging. Take a peek at the right sidebar there to see my twitter. You can also check my twitter page if you like.

Thanks and have a nice day~

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Apr 26, 2007


Just came back from futsal match. Finally was able to go through 9 match >_< Need to finish work but so tired...

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Apr 15, 2007


Just when I thought everything was fine...

When I thought that was the best time...

The time when I needed you the most...

Yet you betrayed me. You failed on me...

You made me lost my trust in you...

Now I find myself lost and broken inside out...


Who broke the darn washing machine?!?! It was working fine just now!! Demmit, how am I suppose to wash all those laundry?!?! I have lecture first thing in the morning on Monday!!!

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This is just a test to test ScribeFire and my internet. Both are acting like a spoiled brat today.

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Apr 10, 2007

A Hearty Meal

I declare today KFC day!!!

There was some exhibition held today, so KFC was around to sell their product.

Of course I didn't miss the opportunity, kekek...

p.s. No pics of the nugget coz they went straight into my belly before I get the chance to shot some pictures...

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Apr 7, 2007

Rich or Just Plain Chepskate?

Image Hosted by, from stock.xchng

Rejoice my fellow comrades; The money has been bank-in!

Haha, as scholarship students(I shall call schoolers), there was much fuss when the sponsors decided to deposit the money once every month rather than 4 times a year; this means less money to spend every month ^^

See, the old methods means that schoolers get 4 months worth of money in 1 go. So they get more money than the new method, though it means they need to make sure theres still some money left until the next deposit.

Of course, depending on how you use it, some people will just end up with dust in their wallet, regardless of the payment scheme.

Then there was panic when the sponsor was late in depositing the money. Go to class and hear people asking "Duit dah masuk ke?" ("Has the money come in?").

But you can't blame them; its almost the end of the month. I'm sure working people will have problems too when its nearing the end.

When we were just sitting at the cafe, waiting for class to start, some of my friend didn't have enough money, so I lend them some. The 1 friend said that "Eh, kaya-lah"("Eh, rich-lah").

Me: Bukan kaya, kemut.(Not rich, cheapskate)

Yes, the only reason I get through every month without problems is because I don't use them >_< I sit in my room rusting my already dead brain away without doing anything productive.

Well, except playing the DS.

So I don't go out and eat expensive food; My motto is eat less than RM10 a day whenever possible (does not apply with fast food restaurant, like KFC), I don't call people much so I hardly need to buy prepaid credit for my handphone, I don't drive the car around that a spider decides to make its home on it, and I want to amass as much money as possible to buy a new pc, which seems impossible.

So my friend, if you don't want to hit the wall when it's nearing the end of the month, don't overspend!

p.s. This probably won't help those who have other commitment, like a boy/girlfriend XP

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Mar 15, 2007


Tying the knot is wonderful isn't it? To spend your life with your soul mate, sharing all the good and bad times together, having children, passing down family secrets and heirlooms and engraving the memories into your heart&soul.

My cousin just got married last month. My brother is planning to get married this year, and mom is suffocating herself with all the preparations. Dad seems pretty calm, or he just forgot o_O? I bet my (soon-to-be)sis(in-law) can't wait. Well, neither can I, since bro is the oldest, and the 1st one getting married.

Now if only my second bro finds a girlfriend and stop bugging his younger siblings >.<

Since this is the 1st son, my parents has no experience on conducting a wedding ceremony. SO had to ask all my cousins on their preparation.

Please don't turn me into a slave. But I'll be around home cause of internship. Darn, I should work somewhere else far from home then...

Just last week, my lecturer got married. Yeay~. Because of that, we got the whole week lecture off. Yeay~ So she decide to give us group project, grouping us randomly and gave us only 2 weeks to finish it.

Were you so happy you decide to torture us, miss?!?!

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Mar 6, 2007

Got Pain, Still No Gain?

Studying make my glasses thicker...

Was it worth the sweats and tears?

Yes, this week is full of test, and I still don't like em. Why should I be force to put any knowledge in my brain on paper? It doesn't make any sense!

Mom: Stop complaining and go read your books!

Me: *grumblegrumble*

Anyway, I was forced to join a futsal league. Darn, why did they choose a lazy bum like me?


Well, the match was pretty fierce, competing with final year student and what not. I manage to earn some bruises, especially on my left arm. Now I can't change the car gear properly...

Also my new glasses has suffered some damaged too. My teammates were horrified when they saw me crashing(actually, my own team member crashes into me...) with the others and my glasses went flying. Thank goodness it's still in one piece.

Out of 4 match, my team won 1 match...

Well, at least we're ranked no. 8 out of 10...

It's all about having fun

Just have to endure this pain a bit longer than its mid-sem break~ Yippie~

But my brother will be home...

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Feb 25, 2007

Kitty Says Hi

My big brother got back from Japan. He gave me these cute and small cat doll as souvenirs.

How funny that my lil' bro complained about his gifts; He said no one loves him o_O

But darn, I want to go to Japan too~

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Feb 14, 2007


Argh, today ate something poisonous; Fried rice for brunch.

Roti telur

Thankfully, that was not the culprit. It was very delicious though X9

Continues to suffer in agony...

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Feb 11, 2007

Are Words Not Crime?

Have you ever thought of the consequences?

I remembered reading a short manga; a man killed another man to protect his wife and son. He's now in prison, leaving the mother and son to fend for themselves. Some brat at school found out about the child's history, spread the rumor in school and it resulted in the mother getting fired from her job. The son, angered, tried to stab that brat, only to be stop by a girl whom had tried to befriend him earlier.

In the end, the mother scolded her son, saying that words are not crime, but violence is.

Maybe words are not crime, but they have the power to inflict tremendous pain right into your heart. Anyone can tell lies; lies that can stain your pride and cause your downfall. Lies that can tore family and friends apart. Lies that can embarrass and destroy one's dignity.

Lies; untrue yet believable.

So please, when you're angry, jealous, or down, please, find a proper way to vent your frustration. Think carefully. Words and lies are like flower petals or leaf; when you spread around the place, the wind blows it away, making it impossible for you to collect it all back. It is not possible to reverse the effects that you have done.

Think of the person that is at the receiving end of your selfish actions.

Your words alone may drive the person towards suicide.

So please, even though words are not crime, it can destroy people life.

And I have seen it with my own eyes.

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