Dec 8, 2006

Window Shopping

Followed my friend around KL. She wanted to go to Low Yat Plaza while I want to go to KLCC to pick some books. Apparently she lost her only thumbdrive/mp3-player, and wishes to buy one.

Which resulted her into becoming a few hundred poorer, as she claim.

But we didn't buy much. I bough my books at Kinokuniya. The clerk there really need to put more effort; He couldn't find the 3 mangas I booked and asked me to go to another counter. The girl at the other counter found the book at the first counter I visited. Make me wait for awhile.

Didn't do much shopping, but we ended eating instead ^^;; Darn, we're both glutinously! No wonder I'm getting fatter!

Bah, I didn't see any Nintendo Wii. I really want it...

Erm yeah, another useless post.

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