Dec 2, 2006

A Series fo Unfortunate Events

Again, another semester end, and the lazy Reiki finally gets to go home...

But alas, fate always has something waiting for Reiki...

And so begins Reiki's Series of Unfortunate Events...

The last paper was on Friday. God knows how hard it was. Imagine your lecturer going around asking "Spot questions? Spot questions?" with a big smile on his face.

No sir, I don't think you look cute.

Finish exams when back to my room. Start packing at 2p.m. and finish on 4.30p.m. I didn't pack anything the day before because of exams. Didn't do too well, what with having a running nose non-stop -__-;; Also it rained. Thankfully I moved most of the stuff already.

With the dramatic changes of weather(and tremors), Reiki ends with a headaches.

Why does it always rains whenever I go back home? Dad won't let me drive coz its too dangerous. Can't see anything through the windshield @__@

Well, after the rain stops, the moon came(it was already 7p.m.) and all well...

Not! Just after passing the Sungai Buloh interchange, dad started to hear some rattling. Put my hand on the dashboard and the whole car was vibrating o_O!

Please, spare the engine!

After droving for a few more meters, suddenly some weird sound come out from behind. What the heck? Dad parked on the emergency lane and I jump off to check it out.

ZOMG, my first flat tire!!! o.O! (Stupid Reiki forgot to bring out the camera.)

*the conversation in this post was translated to English*

Reiki: Dad, we got a puncture.
R'sDad: Really? Are you sure it's a puncture?
Reiki: Yes, it a puncture.
R'sDad: How puncture?
Reiki: Erm, really flat?
R'sDad: OMG o_O

After confirming the flat tire, dad suggests we change the tire on our own. Had to move some stuff to reach the spare tire. Okay, got the tools out, now how to use it?

Reiki: *flips through the manual*
R'sDad: Give me the wrench.
R'sDad: *tries to unscrew those bolts on the rims*
R'sDad: Guh, who made it so tight?
R'sDad: *Starts using his feet and stands on the wench, pushing it down*
R'sDad: Still can't open it... Give me the manual
R'sDad: Oh, were suppose to jack it up first.

Well, after finally getting the jack in and and up(dad doesn't read the manual properly, like me), we tried to pry open the rims.

Still no luck.

After much effort, dad decided to call PLUS. Thankfully I still have their number, from the last 'Balik Kampung Hiccups'. Thankfully we were very near to Sg. Buloh, so the patrol car came to our rescue ^^ They help us take out the flat tire, put in the new one and put the flat tire back into the car. Good man.

Well we did most of the work anyway.

Spare tire in place.

Okay, finally back on the road. Less than 400 meter to the petrol station. Good, must check spare tire's pressure. So went to petrol station and check air pressure. Good. Okay, dad gets int the car and starts to drive.


Dad didn't saw the road divider(and I was busy chatting with him). Get out of the car, go to the front and...


ZOMG,the car's first accidents!!! o_O!

It's just one after another... Well, at least it didn't fell off so might as well continue back home. Dad was kinda frustrated since he was driving.

R'sDad: Now the car looks ugly...

Cut short, arrive back home. My maid accidentally close the gate when dad tried to reverse. But she manage the press the button again, so the car was sparred at the very last minute.

R'sDad: We were lucky we stopped near Sungai Buloh.
Reiki: What? If we're lucky than none of this will happen!
R'sDad: Well, at least we stop near Sg. Buloh, the bumper didn't fall off and the gate didn't hit the car's back.
Reiki: Well I'll still say that my life sucks.

Because it's the truth.

Reiki, after turning 20, gets hit by a series of unfortunate events.

What a nice belated birthday present. Sheeshs...


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