Dec 13, 2006

Money Matters: Spending Habits?

Suitcase full of money. From stock.xchng

Is money important to you?

It is to me. With money, I can buy things that I want. Like comics and food. Because money is valuable and hard to come by, people need to learn how to mange their money properly.

Of course, Reiki still haven't learn her lesson till now.

You see, Reiki can sometime be careless. I'll either buy something very cheap but sucks later on or something darn expensive but only partly useful to me. I also have the habit of buying things on the spot, without doing much research on it beforehand.

I grief every time I find something better and cheaper available at another shop.

I bought a cheap bag to carry books and it didn't last for a year. Same thing happens to my dad and little brother. Apparently he broke his 3rd bicycle =_= Dad was kinda frustrated and opt to buy a more expensive bicycle for my brother, hoping that it will last this time.

Frankly, I think lil bro need to go on a diet first.

So if I want my purchase to last, I have to fork out more money or spend more time researching asking questions. But I'm a minimalist; I take anything cheap and simple. Having lots of functions is cool, but if it cost a bomb, then I rather take to strip-down version, thank you.

So now I'll have to learn to restrain myself from overspending. I've been thinking of getting a credit card and PayPal account so I can purchase stuff from Play-Asia. They give reasonable price you know ^^ But I shoot that dream down myself.

The bills are gonna kill me!

So I guess it's back to saving money then. I'll be able to afford better item that way ^^ Lets not forget about my aim to own a Nintendo Wii in 2 years time, lol!

Burger Ramly

Let's start with a cheap but tasty burger.

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serena said...

I grief with you whenever I find a shop which sells the same thing at a cheaper price, right after I purchased my stuff. >.> Like my dad finally getting me the pendrive at rm280....when the cheapest we found at Low Yat was rm255...waaaaaaaaaa....he claims it's to far to go down to KL and got it at Summit instead....I hafta fork out an extra rm3o....T^T

Sam said...

Okay. For some reason, why do those lil' buggers taste so good despite looking really gross!?

Reiki said...

serena: ahh, poor you bs. We need to pay a bit more around here than KL ;_;

sam: Hmm, the ingredient and sauces? The burger stall guys just loves squeezing the bottles XP

Reiki said...

oh, 1 more thing I heard from Full Metal Alchemist;

Cookins == chemistry, not art ^^

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